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    Match Thread Charlton v Blackpool

    Bowyers clips: The second penalty they got was unreal, the worst decision I’ve ever seen in my life. The player dives on the floor. They keep making decisions against us and they have to be accountable as well. I’d love to see who is watching the ref and judging him. We are going to appeal and...
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    Match Thread Charlton v Blackpool

    Not bitter those Addicks... Blackpool are a bog standard competent 3rd tier team who have had midweek off. Those two facts alone are enabling them to wipe the floor with us. Diabolical TS must now act if he’s going to be a serious owner of this club we’re playing Blackpool not Bayern munich.
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    Match Thread Charlton v Blackpool

    It's always a good away day. Up there with palace for the 🍻
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    Match Thread Charlton v Blackpool

    Charlton Athletic suffered a hugely damaging loss to Blackpool which saw them finish the contest down to nine men after second-half dismissals for Darren Pratley and Chuks Aneke. The Addicks suffered a fourth straight loss at The Valley and are now winless in their last eight matches in SE7...
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    Match Thread Charlton v Blackpool

    Evening everyone👋 Fantastic performance today. Dominant display. Never heard Ballards name mentioned in the first half. Prattley could have in the first half and I couldn't get a bet on there being a red at half time. Pleased we took Yates off after his nothing card and I thought Simms played...
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    Exiles - Here's The Goals

    And here's the straight red..
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    Match Thread Charlton v Blackpool

    Afternoon everyone. What a game so far.
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    Exiles - Here's The Goals

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    Academy Friendly Yesterday

    Academy are having a fantastic season. One of the benefits of when we get a proper training set up will be the development of the youth with the real potential for them becoming established first team players.
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    Gnashers Interview

    We sat down with Keith Southern to chat all things tangerine. Keith chatted through his ten years with the club, which included two promotions, three play-off campaigns and a season at the top table of English football. Keith also spoke of the disappointing way he left the club in 2012 when his...
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    Prediction League Match 39 - Charlton Away

    Charlton Athletic 0 Blackpool 2 FGS Kaikai TOFG 36mins
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    The Preview Show - Charlton Away

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    Watching the Mighty Live

    Wembley = 10000 limit. That would be 4500 tops to each team. That would mean every STH got a ticket
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    Structured Dialogue

    I wonder if that Karen McGuiness will send a video question in to any players? 😇 😬