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  1. freundorfoe


    Just wondering who has had the vaccine and if they had any side effects? Also if you know whether you had Astra Zeneca or the Pfizer one? Don't worry I'm not an anti vaxxer! Have a few mates who have had each with zero side effects. Just intrigued what peoples experiences have been so far.
  2. freundorfoe

    Poch to PSG

    going to be very interesting to see how this works out. On paper it looks set to be an absolute disaster. Bunch of players with massive egos and owners with unrealistic expectations of global dominance with no patience to achieve it, and a manager who expects players to run through walls despite...
  3. freundorfoe

    O/T housing market

    Interesting to see the predictions of what will happen to the housing market. My gut is that it'll potentially fall further than any of these predictions and they're perhaps trying not to create more panic around the economy. There will presumably be more houses on the market due to deaths...
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    y word consultation results
  5. freundorfoe

    Transfer poll

    Saw an interesting question on Twitter and was somewhat surprised by the results. Thought I'd redo it here as it's a slightly less reactionary crowd on the whole. If we could sign just one of the two main transfer links we're getting atm who would you pick?
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    O/T Micah Richards on injury isolation, depression & etc.

    Found this BBC article a very interesting read, particularly in relation to the echos of Ledley and Rose in some of his circumstances with his injury. Reading how Remi Garde dealt with him shows that if Ledley had had less understanding coaches...
  7. freundorfoe

    O/T Bury FC

    This is madness... Chairman seems completely out of touch with how to come across with any relatability.
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    Spice boy OBE

  9. freundorfoe

    O/T ref banned for rock paper scissors

    This seems a pretty arbitrary thing to ban someone for and tbh a case of thinking on his feet. Would he have been banned if he asked someone to go and get his coin and delayed kick off? The comments seem well ott. A "moment of madness"...
  10. freundorfoe

    Trust meeting with Levy, Cullen & co transcript They discuss the stadium, lack of transfers, ticket pricing, the refund mechanism, the new website & etc. No major news in any of it. Backs up Ex's version of events that Poch didn't want to sign for the...
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    I've seen a lot of Spurs fans on social media slating Sanchez, especially before the Inter game, implying we would lose the game as Toby wasn't playing and Sanchez a liability. I though Sanchez had a superb first season for a player his age, and looks like he could be one of the best CBs in the...
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    Anyone invested? Do people think the amazing growth of bitcoin is sustainable? Any other coins they think could go the same way that are at an earlier stage of exposure? Got a few techy friends who have done extremely well off bitcoin by being in early, and know a few people who got in more...
  13. freundorfoe

    Clattenburg "my gameplan was to let Spurs lose the title"

    From the BBC article about it: Speaking to NBC's Men in Blazers podcast, he said: "I allowed them [Spurs] to self-destruct so all the media, all the people in the world went: 'Tottenham lost the title.' "If I sent three players off from Tottenham, what are the headlines? 'Clattenburg cost...
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    Slaven Bilic

    :2: Apparently they're appointing Moyes :3: :3: :3: :7: Be happy to see them go down!
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    Andy Wilkinson retires at 31 due to concussion

    This is pretty sad - not that he was a truly top player but something as simple/common as blocking a volley ending your career must be hard to come to terms with
  16. freundorfoe

    should all premier league games be televised?

    Interesting article based around BBC interview with owner of Virgin Media who believes that TV sports packages are too expensive and don't show enough games. He's appealed to Ofcom about it. He has ulterior motives and I don't see the model he's...
  17. freundorfoe

    Rodgers back to Swansea?

    Everyone's favourite bag of shite is apparently in the running to be new manager at Swansea now Garry Monk is gone. Poor old Garry Monk. 8th last season, touted as best young manager in the country. Hope he gets another job, seems a good guy.
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    Hope they get on top of these attacks quick and that no more lives are lost. Terrible
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    Valbuena sex tape extortion

    What a bizarre case. Firstly Cisse gets arrested over it, then released without charge. Now Karim, £100k+ pw Galactico Benzema has admitted involvment and is being charged. Why on eart would a man on several million a year in salary feel the need to extort a national team mate? A quick google...
  20. freundorfoe

    Are we heading for another crash?

    The Guardian posted up this video an hour ago with the title "Britain is heading for another 2008 crash. Here’s why" I am no economist so wondered what those of you more educated on economic ramifications of political policies make...