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    Match Thread: Lincoln City v Swindon Town

    For those who are superstitious, wear lucky socks etc, and are seeking omens I note that the 'official team sheet' failed to show who was captaining the Imps.
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    Rate the Ref : Home to Swindon 23.02.2021

    7.5 makes a change for the 'arrogance' charge to be levelled against the players.
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    August 2021

    Won't be happening quickly according to BBC The government says it will run a series of 'pilot' events in April and the English Football League (EFL) said it would be "engaging" with the government over the potential for a small number of fans to attend the Carabao Cup final at Wembley on 25...
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    Thought this thread might be about teams struggling in the National League who won't get relegated because Covid has removed the risk.. but will be playing youth teams to minimise costs. Weymouth had 'insurance' issues obliging them to do this in 2009 when Rushden visited to win 9 - 0
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    Put the flags out, seem to remember the SB pitch has also been blessed in the past
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    51 Points achieved, next target ...

    No, because those weasels in charge of the league could always come up with 'offences' which merit points deductions. Who would have predicted Covid and nobody expects The Spanish Inquisition.
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    The Commentary Controversy

    Indeed, time for all commentators to 'stand up and be counted'
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    The Commentary Controversy

    Neigh you can't call MH that
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    National League Statement | Outcome Of Written Resolutions

    MAp feels the same about Jorge
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    Match Thread: Sunderland v Lincoln City

    35 pages and 3 major (10+ posts each) diversions to off-topic themes is my prediction for this thread. As to the score I'm sorry I haven't a clue!
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    Tonight's League One Match Thread (16/02/2021)

    Lambert will have an excuse to say they could not prepare properly.
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    Match Thread: Lincoln City v Accrington Stanley

    Sunday league, as I've previously said about the coverage itself.
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    Season Ticket Credit – An Update For Supporters

    18/23 credited so far. If no return of fans substantial funds still to come so would make no sense to close raffle etc imminently. Depending on cash-flow issues neither should there be a very early deadline for ST renewals.
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    Match Thread: Lincoln City v Accrington Stanley

    Only if you lock this one
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    10 Points behind Lincoln

    This new learning amazes me Sir Bedevere. Explain to me again how sheep’s bladders may be employed to prevent earthquakes. STOP IT. It's all getting a bit silly!
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    Salary Cap?

    Perhaps it is a case of a Dutch cap stifling social intercourse.
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    Salary Cap?

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    Ex-Imps Discussion Thread

    About 6 weeks later at least he was 'pulled' at half time in the Bradford PA debacle after a similar display!
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    Yellow Cards 2020-21

    Presumably MAp is on 0, whereas the commentary team seemed to suggest Steve Evans has 5 for the season.
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    51 Points achieved, next target ...

    Championship teams achieved this sooner and Rangers (also presumably also at a higher standard than The Imps) are currently on 75 points