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    D DAY 1971 n/g I know this made sense but I would still prefer 240 pennies to the pound. I remember the price of my pint went from 1 shilling and 9 pennies to 10 pence overnight. I was outraged that my pint...
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    Bobby Ball R.I.P.

    Funny man, but Covid got him. R.I.P.
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    Carabao To Watch Details on where you can see future games. And it confirms 50/50 split.
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    Leeds United

    SKY haven't stopped celebrating since Leeds got promoted. I don't know who it is at SKY that is a Leeds fan but at least someone else will get a look in for future Championship live games. I haven't got any figures but I would think Leeds have had more than the lions share of live games...
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    Yipee Rachels back

    And looking better than ever.
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    Tracey Crouch n/g

    Tracey Crouch has announced she has breast cancer. She gave a brilliant quote regarding the situation. " I am incredibly competitive but, on this occasion, won't be playing nicely and intend to go into this challenge with my studs up!"
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    League One Playoffs

    Sky Sports is saying that 135 tests were done at 4 League One clubs over the weekend and all clear. It looks like a 4 team playoff has been decided already.
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    Petrol £102.7. n/g

    ASDA and Morrisons are now selling unleaded at 102.7 a litre. I say fill your boots. Or maybe best fill your tanks.
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    SKY Sports Pause Looks like you can pause your Sky Sports until the footie restarts without paying a fee. I heard talk of an hour wait on the phone but when I called they answered...
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    Gillingham Scrapbook I don't know who runs this website, maybe someone from here but with all the talk of past attendance figures and possible hat tricks this site is a goldmine, So much information and videos too Enjoy
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    Man City. N/G

    Banned from Europe for 2 years
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    Blackpool Manager

    Another one gone after losing to the Gills.
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    Official site is saying GRS is closed from section D onwards and the Brian Moore is closed. Is this true or is this just text left over from the Sunderland game?
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    Has left Cardiff.
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    Tommy's New Bird

    I see Tommy has a new woman in tow. Nice link boots.
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    looks fit to burst on SSN
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    On the bench today.
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    Doncaster Away

    Went into official site to look at tickets for Donnie and they have the date as 03.07.2019. Did we win? Was it a good game?
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    I think he should get at least a 3 match ban. That is what El Ghazi would have suffered if the dirty Leeds cheat had got away with it.
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    Man City

    Did anyone see the placard at the Man City game yesterday? "Keep going Super City. Gillingham to World Domination" How things might have been different.