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    Ex-Imps Discussion Thread

    Colchester need a Manager, DC / NC anyone ! Caretaker appointed until the end of Season.
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    Back of the Net - Plymouth vs Imps

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    Match Thread: Lincoln City v Swindon Town

    I think our home crowd atmosphere has been fantastic, and lack of it I am sure has had an impact. The away games I have been to over the past few years the home support is generally rubbish and negatively often get on their players backs. If we still cheer our lot on when getting whacked 6-0 by...
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    Match Thread: Lincoln City v Swindon Town

    We played poorly last night, no one died though, we didn't lose either, and those around us did nothing special , MA gave them a reality check post game, expect a reaction on Saturday. Another game ticked off before the injured trio return. Lots of hard work ahead. Do wonder if the lack of a SB...
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    Score Predictions v Plymouth Argyle

    We were the best team there in the Cup and lost, think we will be ready for them especially after last night, another 1-2 win
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    Match Thread: Lincoln City v Swindon Town

    The monsoon season seems to be over and the drying pitches should suit us :rolleyes:
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    Starting XI v Swindon Town?

    When you are winning they all want to play, can see both plus Scully on the team sheet, hopefully.
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    Our Fishy Friends

    Read for the first time some of the stuff on Fishy about their opinions on us ! Was surprised how many entries were complimentary about our progress and wish it was them of course ! A lot of realistic two eyed opinions. I dont want to see them go down but all the signs are that they will
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    Sky again

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    Score Predictions v Swindon Town

    Swindon look poor, could be quite a few, 4-0.
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    If the Cowleys were going there wait until we have played our away game !
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    Fatigue ?

    Thats very similar to what Tom Hopper said in his post match interview on Radio Lincs, impressed with that guy with his hard work for the cause and his goal tally is mounting nicely. UTI.
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    Back of the Net - Imps vs Swindon

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    Match Thread: Wigan Athletic v Lincoln City

    Think I saw him play, but remember nowt about him. Seems he was born in Scampton and played down the road for Ingham !!
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    Match Thread: Wigan Athletic v Lincoln City

    Great day to win , not bothered whether we were lucky or not, unlucky against Donny these things even themselves out, the others mostly had a bad day and you have to make the most of it which we did. Drag themselves onto Tuesday and another fighting display and hopefully come out on the right...
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    The Commentary Controversy

    He has, Co op Upper, probably pays for it like me and you !
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    Score Predictions v Wigan Athletic

    With the key injuries and knackered players just have a bad feeling about this one, happened before and not let us down. The other lot just been stuffed 0-5 will see this as the ideal game to bounce back. Did anyone ask about Morton being back in contention ? Come on you Imps !
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    MApp paper talk

    Norwich are just the same .
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    MApp paper talk

    Nice work if you can get it. Sign on for a struggling Club on a nice fat wage and signing on fee, talk a 'good game', fail after a few months, sacked, get big pay off linked to contract, then go around the circle again after making a few million. Good career !
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    Match Thread: Sunderland v Lincoln City