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  1. Billy the Imp

    Craig Stanley

    Won £25k on the itv7 over the weekend.
  2. Billy the Imp

    Not a headline....

    My mother has a clipping from the echo of a ten years ago story referring to a city chairman, Dennis Houlston I think, resigning and giving his shares to Lincoln United. Does anyone have any insight into this story?
  3. Billy the Imp

    Is Sunderland away strip all blue?

    If not the BBC have labelled the mighty Imps as Sunderland in a league 1 story.
  4. Billy the Imp

    Most bizarre incident in an Imps match

    I’ll go for the time the goal collapsed versus Brentford.
  5. Billy the Imp

    It’s fun to go........ the LNER!
  6. Billy the Imp

    Are we carrying too many injured players?

    At least 6 in our squad; Frecklington, Pett, Bostwick, Coker, Hesketh & O’Connor
  7. Billy the Imp

    Look Hull

    Gave Roger Bates title of Lincoln City Vice Manager. Club now catering for all needs?
  8. Billy the Imp

    Squad Numbers

    When will these be announced?
  9. Billy the Imp

    Season Tickets

    Has anyone received their new season ticket?
  10. Billy the Imp

    James Wilson signs for Aberdeen

    The one from Man Ure that is.
  11. Billy the Imp

    Shackell charged.....

    With misconduct for confronting the 4th official after Carlisle sending off!
  12. Billy the Imp

    iFollow Friday?

    Is the Yeovil game on iFollow in the UK?
  13. Billy the Imp

    Second yellow cards

    Are there different rules to first yellow cards. Referees seem reluctant to give a second yellow for offences that would see them brandishing a first yellow with relish.
  14. Billy the Imp

    How does this work?

    The transfer window closed at 23.00 on 31st January. Since then Mansfield have signed 2 players, one on the 2nd from Burton and one today from Leicester.
  15. Billy the Imp

    Godfather of soul signs........

    From Millwall
  16. Billy the Imp

    Grimsby have won....

    some dancing competition. Open top bus tour on the way?
  17. Billy the Imp

    Harry Anderson

    Was his performance less nebulous yesterday?
  18. Billy the Imp

    David Bridges - Head of Coaching Lincoln City

    Anybody know about this appointment?
  19. Billy the Imp

    Finding things to complain about.......

    Even when we win 4-1; The numbers on the shirts. The way the grass is cut. Anybody got any more trivial complaints?
  20. Billy the Imp

    The agents best friend....

    The release clause. I’ll get you a 2 year contract and take some commission. Tell you what we’ll agree a release clause, and in a years time I’ll get it triggered and earn more commission.