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  1. BodyButter

    The Controversial Opinions Thread

    Got an opinion that goes against the grain? Perfect. Chuck it in here. (Keep the racist ones to yourself) As you can imagine, I have a few. I'll start with this gem; I think Elon Musk is a clown and his company is dog shit. I'll let that sink in for a minute. Musk spends a lot of time on...
  2. BodyButter

    What's Your Most Controversial Villa Opinion?

    Simple enough, do you have an opinion about Villa that most people probably wouldn't go along with? I have a few but I'll start with this one; if we'd signed Juninho, we would have won the league.
  3. BodyButter

    Fantasy Football?

    Don't we have a Fantasy Football league?
  4. BodyButter

    Boris Bans Sweets

    Interesting one this. The British Government has banned supermarkets from selling unhealthy snacks at checkouts. It's part of a series of new restrictions to fight obesity in the UK...
  5. BodyButter

    Alcohol Free Beer

    Unlike free beer, alcohol free beer has never got much love on the streets but Guinness think that's about to change with Guinness 0.0. Personally, I don't see the point. There are plenty of other beverages without alcohol if you don't want to get drunk. Do you drink alcohol free beer? Are...
  6. BodyButter

    Let's All Buy Cocaine From The British Government

    Cocaine, ecstasy and amphetamines should be “nationalised” and sold legally in government-run pharmacies to undermine global drug-related crime, a UK drugs reform charity has recommended. In a book – with a foreword written by the former prime minister of New Zealand Helen Clark – the drugs...
  7. BodyButter

    BodyButter's Weird Thread About Stuff Nobody Else Is Interested In

    No point in saving this until after I've kicked the bucket. I had a weird thought last night while I was brushing my teeth. The Judeo-Christian idea is that this world is some kind of testing ground for souls to see who goes to heaven and who goes to hell. The Buddhist idea is that we keep...
  8. BodyButter

    Woman has Indian Man Hands

    NEW DELHI (AFP): When amputee Shreya Siddanagowda was offered new hands, the Indian student didn't hesitate - even though they were big, dark and hairy, and once belonged to a man. Now though, not only have her new hands become more slender, they have also changed colour to match her skin tone...
  9. BodyButter

    Does Music Give You Goosebumps?

    Certain songs give me goosebumps all over my body. My kids think it's equally hilarious/weird. SJH thinks it's normal. Does music give you goosebumps? If so, which songs do it for you? Are me and SJH actually the same fella? Here's an example of a song which gives me goosebumps:
  10. BodyButter

    Who wants fewer Police? New Yorkers?

    I don't know what's going on here. The New York Subway has increased the number of Police protecting the system. Some New Yorkers aren't happy about it. It seems that they resent having to pay for the Subway...
  11. BodyButter

    The Geopolitics Thread

    I know us football fans love nothing more than a bit of geopolitical debate so let's have at it. Defence Secretary Ben Wallace is talking about the UK possibly not being able to rely on the US in future wars. I can't see the UK engaging in wars around the world alone but it's interesting to...
  12. BodyButter

    Are we all on drugs?

    Here's moderately funny comedian Ari Shaffir talking about his experience of living in an alternate reality for up to two years during a 10 minute salvia trip:
  13. BodyButter

    Have you died?

    As funny as the title sounds, a few members on here mentioned dying in other threads. I'm really curious about those experiences. So, have you died? What was it like? How long were you gone for? Did you see, hear or feel anything?
  14. BodyButter

    If you are hungry enough...

    MICHIGAN, US (ANN): A hairstylist experienced a gruesome death after meeting a man he had known on Grindr, a dating app. The victim was apparently found hanging upside down with his testicles cut off, as authorities also found out that the suspect cooked the victim’s member and ate it, as per...
  15. BodyButter

    The Population Problem

    As of 2018, the UK fertility rate was 1.8 births per woman. Japan set the record with 1.44 BPW. Even developing countries like Malaysia are seeing falling birth rates. Malaysia now has a birth rate of 1.8, the 4th lowest in South-East Asia. The birth rate to sustain a population is 2.1. The vast...
  16. BodyButter

    Football's Wonderkids

    Alf Inge Haland's son is rumoured to have agreed to sign for Utd in January. He's probably the hottest young striker in world football at the moment after tearing it up in the CL for Red Bull. Meanwhile, Eider Gudjohnson's son is at Real Madrid's academy and is consider by The Guardian to be...
  17. BodyButter

    Big Data

    My old mate DanVilla recommended The Great Hack to me. It's a documentary about Facebook, Cambridge Analytica and big data. According to the documentary, data is the biggest commodity in the world, more valuable than oil. Cambridge Analytica ran a campaign in Trinidad to encourage young...
  18. BodyButter

    How Many Eggs Can You Eat?

    I'd imagine I'd vomit around 10 eggs in. I don't really have any strong feeling about eggs either way but they are quite filling. This fella in India discovered that his number is definitely less than 42...
  19. BodyButter

    Leather, Ass-less Chaps

    Leather is quite a handy material, especially for sofas. I noticed yesterday that the dashboard in my car is covered in leather. I'm not sure why. I read somewhere that there is so much leather produced every year because of the beef industry that leather is almost a waste product of the beef...
  20. BodyButter

    The 4 Day Work Week

    A trial at Microsoft Japan found that workers were 40% more productive when they worked 4 days a week. Were the workers working harder to make this trial work so they would have to work fewer...