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    Prediction League game 35 Rotherham v Forest.

    0-1 to Forest please.
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    Match Thread, Forest v Blackburn Rovers, does anybody care?

    And now it's us heading towards being good dribblers !
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    Match Thread, Forest v Blackburn Rovers, does anybody care?

    Bryan Douglas is pretty good, though I think he might have retired ? 11 goals in 36 starts for England is pretty good for a winger !
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    Prediction League game 34 Forest v Blackburn.

    2-1 to Forest please
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    Forest Vs Swansea sponsored by the citizens advice bureau (for resolving your petty disputes)

    Yes, decent performance against a decent team. We do look like we are getting our act together, but we need to carry it on into the next few games. We do have a habit of putting in a decent performance against a decent team, then our level drops down against poorer opposition. With Blackburn...
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    Prediction League game 33 Swansea v Forest.

    2-0 to Swansea please
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    Popsheet, Ingy

    I'm sure you're not thick, you just need to look at it from the right angle...........
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    Jan Transfer Window

    Even prior to the current owner we have signed some pretty poor players from Olympiacos. Derbyshire and Abdoun for starters. Must have been some others over the years, though of course there have been plenty since EM took over.
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    As ever you have taken what I've said out of context. There could well be 75,000 across the UK who haven't made the effort to get vaccinated, or have declined. There could be loads of reasons why , They could be off sick, maternity leave etc. A GP was on tv yesterday saying three workers in her...
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    Doesn't say why they haven't been vaccinated though. Some local nurses were so unworried about catching the virus that they refused vaccinations unless they were done during working hours at work . Nurses are just like everyone else. Some have gone into isolation to keep away from families...
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    Forest vs Wycombe sponsored by throwing good money after bad

    Samba Christie Fig Worr Bong Cafu Garner Freem Krov Knock Murray Subs Smith Rib Soh Colb Jenk Mighten Lolley Blackett Taylor
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    Forest vs Wycombe sponsored by throwing good money after bad

    Guess we can use 5 subs !
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    Forest vs Wycombe sponsored by throwing good money after bad

    Freeman and Murray starting !
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    Prediction League game 31 Wycombe v Forest

    1-2 to Forest please
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    Jan Transfer Window

    Not quite the same, but look at these results from the EFL Trophy on one night, which proves your point, and I guess these teams have better kids than we do. Leicester U21s got through, but lost to Tranmere 4-2 after, and I guess the league teams didn't field their strongest elevens. ROUND 2N...
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    Jan Transfer Window

    Can't wait till I'm going out for my Costa again !
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    Jan Transfer Window

    The way to improve is to aim to replace every player in the team with someone better, but surely as a regular starter Ameobi is worth another contract if only as a squad player. He is starting ahead of Lolley and Knockaert in a lot of games, which is pretty good for a free transfer. Wonder if...
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    Forest vs Coventry sponsored by ordinance survey

    Two big games coming up. Ideally need six points from the next two games to set us up for the more difficult games to come. Four points minimum.
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    Prediction League game 30 Coventry v Forest.

    1-2 to us please. A rash bit of optimism !
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    Did it not need a court ruling to decide if it was illegal or not ? One court actually ruled that it wasn't subject to judicial review. At least he was attempting to implement something decided in a democratic referendum. Comparing him with a dictator is ridiculous. Look what happens to people...