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    Mental health during this period

    Hi everyone. I, like everyone else here have been shocked and saddened by the recent news. I heard Adam Pendlebury and Emmerson Boyce on the PWU podcast mention how mental health can be affected. I know it may sound a little severe but at times of uncertainty the human mind can go to quite a...
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    Lang vs. Liverpool

    Looking quite good, great at getting to the ball first and allowing his partner to get forward. then following up that with great support runs. Looks like he has a yard of pace and knows the game very well for a young player. If we do go down we should be looking to keep him with us next...
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    Middlesbrough (away)

    Both teams going for a win after a disappointing start. They have some brilliant players that aren’t performing for them at the moment. Hopefully tonight won’t be any different. Should be a great match, it’s definitely winnable for us just need to cut out stupid errors. I’m going for 1-0 ‘tics.
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    Sheffield Wednesday game (tickets)

    Hi, Anyone know whether or not this is likely to be pay on the gate? I live in Sheffield and haven’t got a previous booking history in my name (Grandad usually bought my tix/paid on the day) Also I can see it being a tough game and we will have to win ugly. 2-1 is my prediction