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  1. valenciagill

    Vital Football Hero

    I've just noticed that my status on here has changed , and I'm now a hero ! Apparently , I've made over 6,000 posts 😮😃👍 How many posts do I need to become a legend/statue outside Priestfield ? Thanks for all your private messages of congratulations 😉
  2. valenciagill

    How do you like your eggs ? N/G

    Fertilised ?
  3. valenciagill

    FAO Nobby

    I saw some footage earlier of a robbery , said to be in Southend , of a group of thieves running through a shop unopposed, snatching items in a somewhat coordinated operation. The article suggests it has happened before. If this is true , then it sounds like the local constabulary has an urgent...
  4. valenciagill

    Congratulations Wycombe

    The same as we faced in 2000 , second tier football for the first time in history. Karl Robinson was his usual self 😕
  5. valenciagill

    Happy Armed Forces Day

    Celebrate your pride in our service personnel ! 🇬🇧👍👊
  6. valenciagill

    What's happening in Reading ?

    Multiple stabbings in a park , after a BLM demo.
  7. valenciagill

    Post Covid life. N/G and N/Politics

    Has Covid made you change your plans ? Have you changed your outlook on life ? For me , it has accelerated my plans , and certainly reinforced the desire to fulfill my wishes.
  8. valenciagill

    T. Robinson in the news
  9. valenciagill

    Social Media N/G

    Whatever way we look at it , the situation is going to be changing within hours. Donald Trump will be signing an Executive Order 'pertaining to social media' , after Twitter fact-checked his tweet. He has repeatedly complained that Conservative opinions/voices are being censored/deplatformed ...
  10. valenciagill

    Global warming N/G

    Or maybe global cooling ?
  11. valenciagill

    May Day n/g

    UK has a bank holiday next Friday , why isn't it this coming Monday ? I googled it and it's called 'early May holiday'. Since when has this been happening ?
  12. valenciagill

    Happy St George's day !

    I will raise a glass to my fellow countrymen🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿
  13. valenciagill

    Alcohol ban during lockdown ?

    I'd better start hoarding !
  14. valenciagill

    Alex Salmond

    Cleared of all charges ! 9 women were 'not telling the truth' How remarkable
  15. valenciagill

    Vandalism in Thanet What kind of person could do such a thing ?
  16. valenciagill

    Help needed

    How do you un-ignore someone ? I've somehow managed to acvidently ignore Gimmer ! Because I've ignored him , I can't see his name to click on it and change settings.
  17. valenciagill

    Stay away from Spain

    Just as I was contemplating inviting you all over for a free holiday , my plans have been scuppered. Never mind 🙄
  18. valenciagill

    Football in the former East Germany

    I see Leipzig dispatched Spurs with ease and it reminded me of a video I watched recently on utube.
  19. valenciagill

    Oh Tommy Tommy n/g

    I see he's been arrested at Centreparcs for common assault. It would appear that his 8 year old daughter may have been the victim of sexual touching and the alledged perpetrator was trying to leave the scene. He's been bailed to appear at Luton Magistrates April 2nd. It will interesting to...
  20. valenciagill

    RIP Martin Peters , West Ham and England.

    A footballing legend