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  1. Davidimp

    August 2021

    Back in the ground! Hopefully...
  2. Davidimp

    Burton Albion

    Looking for a new manager, now this could be the perfect job for the Cowleys... Dons tin hat and hides
  3. Davidimp

    No midweek game

    Next week Probably come at the right time with the amount injuries we have. Also give us a chance to work on a few things and hopefully get one or two back for boxing day so we can rotate a few as well.
  4. Davidimp


    Building up a bit, the Saturday Tuesday fixture list is clearly taking it's toll on our small squad Players currently out Ross Jackson Bridcutt McGrandles Archibald Morton Soule Sounds like none of them will be back for Tuesday either and without a genuine holding midfielder our style of...
  5. Davidimp

    Away Form

    Wow what a difference! Yesterday was our 5th away league win of the season and our 8th in total. We only won 2 last season plus the cup tie at Huddersfield! Amazing transformation!
  6. Davidimp

    Happy birthday Keith Alexander

    Just seen a tweet from his son Jack that it would be the great man's birthday today. So very missed
  7. Davidimp

    Elbouzedi & Scully Called Up For Ireland U21

    Scully and Zak called up to Ireland's u21s.
  8. Davidimp

    Tom Pett

    Gone to Stevenage Good luck Petty, great player during the promotion season. 👏👏👏👏
  9. Davidimp

    Yesterday's stats

    We had 14 shots on goal . We had 8 blocked but the 8 blocked aren't counted as on target, I don't understand this as it was blocked it must be on target? Don't understand must be getting old lol!
  10. Davidimp

    Today's Football League Paper

    Great interview Michael Appleton in there today, well worth a read.
  11. Davidimp

    Jorge Grant - Player of the Round

    Jorge has been nominated for Player of the round. On twitter on the sponsors page Pleased to see he's been given 3 assists from the game. Got a few already, 5?
  12. Davidimp


    The football league paper have made a mistake they've twice put Alex Bradley instead of Alex Palmer as our keeper! They've given him motm and keeper of the day for league one.
  13. Davidimp

    Squad Numbers

    Guessing they will be announced today? We've been drip feed a few but not the whole squad.
  14. Davidimp


    Would have been the start of the season if not for the pandemic, Christ that's early too early! Not sure if that's true but I'm sure that's what SSN said earlier.
  15. Davidimp

    #ImpsRewind Match Thread: Grimsby Town v Lincoln City (50/50 Tickets Available!)

    The away win at the cods in 2005, proper game!
  16. Davidimp

    Legends Lounge

    Flooded again and shut on Saturday
  17. Davidimp

    Off topic : Fulham

    Bloody hell! They're trying to play out from the back against Manchester city, it's not going well! !!!! I notice Rob Burch is amongst their coaching staff.
  18. Davidimp

    Jordan Sinnott

    Now confirmed that he has passed away, how awful. RIP
  19. Davidimp

    Manager of the Month

    Nomination for the big Apple
  20. Davidimp

    Lincoln United Boxing Day

    If you're not going to Oxford on boxing day and are at a loose end Lincoln United could really do with your help. Very tempted myself only £9 for an adult.