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    Michael Anderson

    Seemingly no problems with him anymore as he’s back in the directors box today.
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    Did anyone else think the pitch was awful yesterday? I know Scally has since said that the rain caused difficulties but taking that out of account, to me, it looked quite long and in places quite bumpy. Almost as if it had been cut unevenly. The players were leaving footprints in it, almost...
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    ... three more to come in this week. Steve Lovell said this to a mate earlier today. "Three more new players to be signed this week, all big, one left sided midfielder, another forward and a full back" No names I'm afraid.
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    Luke O'Neill

    According to reports on Twitter (from a Sky Sports News journalist) we've agreed a two year deal with this player after his release from Southend. Don't know much about him, but looking quickly at some southend sites, he's a right winger. I may be wrong on that though.
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    Permission to start a rumour...

    Saw John Akinde at Medway Hospital earlier. Maybe he's having a medical and the club have chosen it to be at the hospital as it's a bank holiday? Ps. He had a case with him and took belongings in) Pps. I assume he's still local from his Gravesend days so it's most likely that.
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    GFO... Nice to be proven right

    Latest header image over at GFO...