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    well done Brentford

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    Robert Fripp and the wife toyah wilcox.
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    south african covid

    just a thought. UK scientists believe that the south African variant of covid is impervious to all the covid vaccines Pfizer, oxford. Why are south African planes still being allowed to arrive in the uk and probably other European cities
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    Graham Cowdrey

    RIP died after a short illness
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    steam fair 1964

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    Rahkeem Cornwall

    gives me hope of returning to local cricket. If u can play test cricket at 22 stone then I should be flying around the boundary at 18 stone. What a lovely chap
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    anyone worried about Wayne. He is ok and enjoying himself
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    Ghislaine Maxwell

    I wonder if she has been told which day she will be committing suicide in her "heavily" guarded cell
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    what a ridiculous decision in disallowing the West Ham goal, and I support Chelsea
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    classic monty

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    spike in virus

    see Medway is one of the 36 areas where there has been a spike in covid 19. Potential to be in lockdown again.
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    Alex Gilbey

    rumours he is signing on a 3 year deal from mk Don's. Prob a rubbish rumour but its Sunday and I'm bored
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    brixton 15 (at least) police officers injured in Brixton last night. I suppose not the best idea to enter a block party in Brixton in the current circumstances. But equally, no doubt ,the police were trying to do their job and respond...
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    gardeners world

    must admit dont like gardening but I find Monty Don's programme so relaxing and interesting. World of peace and quiet and nature
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    what a tune

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    how many of you are self employed and applied for the government grant. ? How many of u run your own business and have asked the government to subsidise your employees wages to the tune of 80 %.
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    question for Buddha

    although my political views are alien to yours, and no doubt u consider me to be a right wing racist, u do listen and I must admit my views on certain things have changed over the years, because of your posts. Question for you. How do u see the future of this country. Obviously u have views on...
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    anti wind up thread
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    medway towns 1982