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  1. Chips1889

    New single account email

    Anyone had the email and tried to log on? This led me to iplayer and a new registration for "EFL IFollow".....put in my details and then it wanted me to slect United from the drop down box but, as the name suggests, this is for EFL teams and the prem teams are not availabe to select. Why do we...
  2. Chips1889

    Fixtures for 2020/21

    Just seen that they are all out (Prem + EFL) on Friday 21st August. Then loads changed on Monday 24th?
  3. Chips1889


    I follow this lad and he does some very good youtube content on the Championship. Still have alook from time to time. Keep safe.
  4. Chips1889

    I forgot how good he is Dean is worth his place in the England set up....he'll get a full cap soon IMO. Thanks Hendo lad. UTPB
  5. Chips1889

    Why can't we vote to combine?

    I think any subject discussed on here should be on the main topic. We are all Blades and what we discuss is always relevant IMO. Saves loooking at both!
  6. Chips1889

    Where is the trophy?

    I thought we got the EFL to diss out trophies for runners-up. Shield last time....why nothing this? They'll get a trophy for going up via the P O's so hardly fair!!
  7. Chips1889


    brought a tear to my eye... and pride....have a look
  8. Chips1889

    Norwich Supporter's view

    I like this and thought his comments show us some respect.
  9. Chips1889

    Wednesday 19th September

    LST on the other place asked why we have moved from Tuesday to Wednesday. Is it because of the midweek Sky coverage on the red button...6 fixtures for each day? (That's what my lad said)
  10. Chips1889

    Mick Jones avatar

    I never had a picture on BM so decided to try for one one here......Mick was my favourite player and I apologise for having a picture of him with his name in bold, It's not an insult to the Blades who would instantly recognise the great man but it was the only colour picture (in a Blades shirt)...