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    You lot are amateurs!

    Don't s'pose they were ever treated as slaves by their tribal chiefs, back in the 'African' days?
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    Yipee Rachels back

    I think she had a cold front yesterday
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    sick of GFC today

    Thank fuck we aint Wigan.
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    Removing TV Shows Because Of Racism

    I must admit, I liked Fletcher's quip, while playing monopoly with Blanco - "No,no that's yer Raquel Welsh - yer Community Chest!". I suppose women could feel that was a bit sexist.
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    Removing TV Shows Because Of Racism

    Just a bit like someone being called 'big ears'. I suppose that's being 'earist'. Things are totally different here in the UK, I think, compared to the mid-west of the USA. I've always understood that over there that the white empowered were extremely intolerant, in general.
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    What should replace the Colston statue in Bristol?

    Some form of permanent tribute to the NHS, something that will last a few days longer than a few nights of clapping, to be ignored for one day of anarchy over a foreign gangster.
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    You lot are amateurs!

    Yes, I was quite surprised to find that the protestors consider the supermarkets were also to blame.
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    What a bloody hypocrite.

    Apparently the bloke who proved Dominic Cummings drove to Durham said if he'd known he wouldn't resign, he wouldn't have followed him.
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    Will Adams remains found in japan

    No need to be sic.
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    Will Adams remains found in japan

    You're either 300 years old or, you have worked, on average, 1 day in every role you have had.
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    Will Adams remains found in japan

    Yes, Will Adams remains found in Japan after all this time.
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    Parting of the Jordans

    Ipswich have told Jordan Roberts and Wolves have told Jordan Graham they won't be continuing with their contracts
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    It was sixty years ago today

    Too old to remember properly now, but the first '45' I bought, I think, was 'Rock Island Line' by Lonnie Donnegan.
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    Coronavirus tipping point

    I hear some Brighton football players have been found to have coronavirus - does that mean they have been 'socialising' too closely?
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    Little Richard RIP

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    Serious question

    How many Civil Servants are really needed?
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    Serious question

    Bit like McDonalds really.
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    German League to resume...

    Football played behind closed doors - does this actually prove that leagues like the Premiershit don't need supporters?
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    What I found funny when I heard afterwards was about SirK. SL recalls it:- “Keith Peacock couldn’t believe it,” said former Gills striker Lovell. “He ran a little book and on the wall there was a list of possible scorers for the Southend game. We all had a little pound on ourselves, 6-1 to...
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    It wasn't Ceefax, but the equivalent, I suppose, of the teleprinter in James Street almost opposite the Prince Alfred. Would print the all football results after the game.