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    Parting of the Jordans

    Ipswich have told Jordan Roberts and Wolves have told Jordan Graham they won't be continuing with their contracts
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    Norman goes

    'Bites yer legs' Hunter, claimed by corona apparently, at 76.
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    Pussy No More

    At 94, Honor Blackman has died. A good actress and an ambassador for women in acting.
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    Switched over for the Queen's Speechl

    All I've heard speaking so far is Keir Starmer!
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    St Patrick's Day today

    Just in time for Ireland to have ordered all pubs to be closed for two weeks from midnight last night! :guiness:
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    Macclesfield added to the list
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    Training Session

    Not seen any mention of it on here, just wondered if anybody attended.
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    I wouldn't mind....

    …being at either of the Tuesday matches – Coventry v Rotherham or Fleetwood v Sunderland. I thought all four sides looked good on EFL on Quest last night. Incidentally, as with another new thread I started a bit back, it has taken me quite a few attempts to post this, because the page keeps...
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    Blimey Dennis!

    That was some George and a hail storm to welcome you here!
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    Harry Gregg RIP.

    Played only 17 days after being a survivor and helping his team mates out of the Munich air disaster.
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    Newcastle Fan

    Caught on tele hanging out at the game!
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    What a way to go ! RIP Kirk Douglas.
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    Seemed to be having a nice chat with some of the Rainham End at the end of the match.
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    Bloody Hell

    BBC South-East announce that Gillingham take on Shrewsbury at the Priestfield!!
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    TV Awards

    Gavin and Stacey - is that the best on TV?
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    Still not out of the mire. They've had a winding up petition dismissed by the HRMC:-
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    Wycombe stuffed

    Lose 4-0 in front of under 4,000 at Peterborough. First goal determined to be a shove in the area and the defender is sent off in the 21st minute. Peterborough's first win in, I think, 9 games.
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    FA Cup

    Rochdale equalised at home to Newcastle - now playing time added on!
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    Rochdale's Williams

    From the EFL Highlights:- 'A masterclass in how to get sent off, not once, twice, but three times' !!!
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    Not a bad Gate

    Over 22 Thousand.