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    Possibly back spectating at Priestfield in December

    I fear that we're more likely to see mass testing in Medway and Swale, rather than a return of fans to Priestfield, given the recent explosion of cases in Sheppey. Besides, the government would be hell bent on 'protecting' Medway's one main hospital, given it serves everywhere from the Isle of...
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    vs Charlton

    As for yesterday's game, I think it was a point earned/gained rather than two points lost, especially when you consider that Charlton went to Fratton Park and comprehensively outplayed Pompey on their own patch (a team who are almost certain to finish somewhere in top 6 come May). But still...
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    vs Charlton

    Even where we might be 'strong favourites' going into a game against the Kingston Wombles- and I'm not quite convinced we are- there seems to be a recent tendency for us to lose to them. Especially where former Gills (like Wagstaff last season, for example) suddenly play the game of their lives...
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    US Presidential election

    Thing is, Biden grew up in an Irish family near a predominantly Catholic city (Philadelphia) back in the 1960s/70s/80s, almost evenly split between the Irish/Italians/Polish. Many of the local Irish communities trace their roots back to Donegal, Derry, Belfast and other parts of Ulster. His...
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    FA cup

    I'm hoping we don't draw Hayes and Yeading in the next round; Hayes (West London) is an utter toilet of a place. Just one massive, crumbling, neglected council estate. Granted, it's an easy place to score white widow, pull a non-too-fussy member of the opposite sex (if in a club in nearby...
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    Brandon Hanlan

    No chance. He's nowhere near good enough to get into either team. Look at his stats- 13 goals in 69 appearances? For a striker?!
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    Brandon Hanlan

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    Redundancies at Arsenal

    Fair enough, but the savings made would be from these redundancies would be negligable, and barely scratch the surface. Their interests might be better served by the more obvious solution, which is not to pay £100k-a-week for two Brazilians who are over 30, way past their peak, one of who has...
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    Redundancies at Arsenal

    N Maybe £20-35k per employee at best, assuming if they are trying to 'streamline' a middle layer of matchday supervisors, junior managers, and hospitality staff, so they can shell out probably £120k-aweek-plus on Willian; another Brazilian player who is on the wrong side of 30. I get that...
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    So where does this leave us?

    Salary caps will only work if applied throughout the EFL, and also the Prem. However, these talks are a big, positive step in thr right direction.
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    What Next?

    However, I think the 2 metre suggestion is unworkable in the ground. What's more likely to dictate social distancing is the legally mandated 1M minimum, and I have even seen this rule enforced in one or two pubs here in London recently, in lieu of the 2M threshold which isn't practical.
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    What Next?

    True, but in mitigation, the RE bogs do have a 'one-way' in/out system with two seperate doors. It's just poorly observed!
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    Wigan Athletic

    And by my calculations, the Bluenoses beed to win to make absolutely sure of survival, and Luton will want to win to either try and finish the season on a positive or to have a small chance of survival. So my money is on the Anoraks and Hull coming down to our gaff, post-August.
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    Wigan Athletic

    That may be the case but they made a poor Charlton team look like fcuking Barcelona the other week. So I too am inclined to think that he will either stay where he is, or move to another league one teams, probably one of the 'big guns' in our division next season (Sunderland, Ipswich, and...
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    Congratulations Wycombe

    I honestly thought it was nailed on for Oxford to win the final, given that they had overcome Pompey in the semis, have one of the strongest teams in the division and have been very, very good this season. Clearly Wycombe had other ideas and have now made it to the second tier of English...
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    I do agree though, anything is better than the seeing empty grounds with cardboard-cutout 'season ticket holders' of fans in clean-pressed, Sports Direct shirts and 'piped' atmospheric acoustics played at kick-off. Enduring this kind of scenario at Priestfield doesn't bear thinking about.
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    If they close the toilets throughout the game, then you'll likely find long lines of blokes p*ssing up against the brick walls of Linden Road or Gordon Road, and upset residents furiously hammering the club's switchboard. And beer isn't the only diuretic on offer in the ground or factory...
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    Failure at gills.Who do you remember most about .

    Is this the same Mark Cooper who went on to manage the Swine?
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    EU strategy to destroy the Chequers ‘agreement’...

    Because it is not the remit of the EU to enforce immigration policy; that is the remit of nation states. In any case, we don't even have ID cards in this country. Come to think of it, we don't even have an adequate track-and-trave system to identify and monitor Covid positive residents or...
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    Will Scally stick with the Gills?

    I've been to Fleetwood. Didn't strike me as being particularly bad the last time I went, but I'll take your word for it. But when work colleagues and friends from places like Catford, Croydon, Glasgow and Middlesbrough, and even ILFORD, tell you that Medway is a bit of an unemployment and...