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  1. i am a tree

    Hey old people

    Hi old people. This is what us youth like these days. Its like your 80s music but it sounds fucked up. Enjoy, all you s
  2. i am a tree

    SIn bin for yellow cards???

    Apparently the law making body for football is considering introducing a sin bin for yellow cards, which could be in the professional game within 2-3 years! This has got to be the worst idea I have heard in ages. If you think diving and cheating is...
  3. i am a tree

    Give Fawaz a chance!

    I think people on here are being far too quick to judge Fawaz. He's trying his best. He's apparently appointed some new people to senior positions and has always had the best intentions for Forest. I say give him another year or two, maybe three or four, and see what he can do. Now we're out of...
  4. i am a tree

    Moyes Out! If Jimmy Gordon was going to do this with Fawaz he would need about 200 planes and 20 square miles of banner.
  5. i am a tree

    Scouses vs Manure, tactical analysis

    A perfect summary of this years tactics:
  6. i am a tree

    awesome goals thread

    don't know if there's already one of these, but may as well start one. Post some awesome goals here. totally awesome.