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    Gills legend "Les Riggs" has sadly passed away.

    Les was our first long throw exponant and could reportedly throw the ball over the main stand.
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    Bradley Dack - Football not Television

    Update on Dack's fitness following his injury. (Sorry if this has already been posted).
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    Massive new sell on fee? ;):wave:
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    Whilst I fully understand and support the Black Lives Matter protest perhaps I can suggest that the actions to remove reference and statues to historical persons involved in the slavery trade should be taken a step further. The practice of slavery was very prevelant in, for example, Roman...
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    May get to the bottom of the matter.
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    Team of Players Gills missed out on?

    Over the years The Gills have missed out on many good players. Either born locally and missed, triallists sent away, youth teamers released and loan players who we could perhaps have signed if we had taken the plunge. Just a few examples to give you the idea: - Firstly and probably the most...
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    Do you watch Sky Sports?

    If you watch Sky Sports then telephone sky sports on 08001512747 followed by (I Think option 2) and they will allow you to suspend your Sky Sports package during the current emergency. They are very helpful and will even allow you to continue watching free of charge for the time being.
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    Jamie Raynor leaves Gillingham FC
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    30 years ago - today.....

    Gills beat Chesterfield 10 -0!