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    Monson Park a serious contender?

    The Echo have painted a dark view of future plans to move City from sincil bank to the wetland nature reserve in swan pool. In fact taking a look at this Echo report things are looking grim for a lot of Lincoln and Lincolnshire as a whole. I’ve chucked in Monsons Park as one potential venue as a...
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    Piping atmosphere by tannoy

    Back in 1977 Lincoln were playing away at Brighton. Me and a few mates decided to travel down to the game by train as there was little demand amongst our fans for coaches. The cheapest route at that time was via Birmingham. A very circuitous route but the best way for us schoolboys to afford...
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    Never seen this clip before

    Were there home supporters in the away end that day?
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    Political Posts From "Salary Cap?"

    EU employment laws to blame is my best guess.
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    On this day 1983

    The big one... at least that season. An amazing day out from start to finish. Just missed the train to Sheffield trying to convince a couple of waverers in the booking hall at central and ended up going in Kovs Van. Lincoln completed an amazing double over the giants of Bramhall Lane. With a...
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    Gordon Taylor great ideas?

    He’s suggested half’s of less than 45 minutes? What next the crossbar challenge?
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    John Fashanu

    Just watched Fash the Bash’ on good morning Britain. What an interesting story. He spoke about his brother Justin who was gay. Fash told us that he had paid Justin a very large sum of money to stop him from ‘coming out’ as gay. Fash and his family were worried about the stick they would get...
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    Whilst browning up on my hammock

    Anyways, one of our stable boys had his radio on which was playing ‘car wash.’ I quickly thrashed him with my riding cane for his impertinence but Was instantly thrown back in time to march 1977 and Sheffield Wednesday away. What a day. ‘Boogie Nights’ always reminds me of that day as well. My...
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    The great Rustons testimonial mystery?

    As a youngster, must have been 73/74/75. The RoseSpa boys went down to Rustons to watch a game. Probably a testimonial. Probably for Bert linnicor? However I haven’t got a scoobies what or who it was for for definite. I do remember though that Peter lorimer and terry yorath were sat at a table...
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    Is Greg Clarke suggesting Imps in the Championship?
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    Oh Alan alan

    Just watched a clip of old sniffer. Saw him play a few times once when he scored for Leeds at sheff Utd 1975ish? Made we think of the Lincoln city managers I’d seen play in my time? Quite a few surprisingly. Did David Herd play in that famous testimonial? If so I saw him.
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    Ipswich and Asda?

    Are the same people involved do you think?
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    Efl games off till April 4th

    Here we go then
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    Was having a swifty with a couple of chums earlier in the lion and snake. When I noticed a boisterous band of teens/youths chatting about football. Couldn’t keep my neb out and asked them who they were, team etc. Turns out they were the bishop grot football team. They’ve just reached the...
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    There has been a lot of stuff on social media recently over coronavirus ending Liverpool’s chances of winning the league. But what about Lincoln City? If this virus runs over deep into next season and beyond. How are the club going to honour all of those bumper contracts without any income...
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    I’m not a fanatical red but wasn’t last night really refreshing?

    Caught about ten minutes of the Man Utd game in the whatever it’s called cup. Robbie savage mentioned man 21s were playing Lincoln, then rambled on that he thinks the class of 92 beat Lincoln in the youth cup that year. Lincoln were mentioned half a dozen times. What a great night.
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    Have City ever had a current player

    In a World Cup or euro nations tournament? Come on Wales!
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    Wouldn’t it be great?

    6 hour character building queuing for tickets for the Ipswich game? People bonding together. Remembering the good and bad times following Lincoln and sharing those experiences with strangers. Met a chap in the Q who had been chairman of the trust or something back in the dark ages. Didn’t come...
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    The heavily tattooed naked torso of the Pompey fan.... and Matt of hair?

    Let’s hope our fans don’t go into meltdown at sight of him tonight. How Portsmouth can allow him to attend games is beyond me. Ladies will blush at the sight. I might write in and complain ughooooh. And he’s a walking noise pollution as well.
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    Millwall move for...

    Ainsworth? According to Wycombe?