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    New season - Ashley's biggest joke to date

    There must be a decent chance we will start the season with no fit striker. However Ashley will still be laughing all the way to the bank. Probably do a special offer on half time pies or something like that. What a mess.
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    Can anyone tell me what the lad does except run around in ever decreasing circles, foul people and give the ball away? I would rather play with 10 men. As an aside I am glad to see there is no Brighton thread. What would be the point?
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    ASM Exit talk

    Reading today that Arsenal fancy signing the lad for 16M. Surely we would ask more then that? It would start at 60m for me. That said I would support any process that leads to that fat bastard losing money.
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    FA Cup Qtr Final

    What do we think, anyone fancy it? Looking at the quarter final draw mind it's amazing isn't it? 4 of the "glamour clubs" left in the competition, Man C, ManU, Chelsea and Arsenal and they all drew apart. Imagine that.
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    Sheff U game

    Anybody watch it? Just sat through it this afternoon. Sheffield were like a pub team. Our lads generally looked pretty decent against said walking pace pub team (as they should) with the exception of Lascelles, who played exactly as he always does. Repeatedly out of position and trying to...
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    How big is the gap?

    Just thinking about some of the comments from pundits I have read along the lines of "it will take 4 or 5 years of investment for Newcastle to challenge at the top end of the league". You know I am not sure about that. As it stands we haven't got anyone who can score goals in ruthless fashion...
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    Who stays?

    Assuming this takeover goes ahead which players should stay as part of a squad good enough to challenge for a top 4 place? I will start with my, no doubt controversial, view: Dubravka - as backup keeper St. Maximum - again as a squad player That's all folks
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    League suspension

    Now that matches have been suspended what are peoples thoughts as to what will happen. It seems likely this virus is gonna take a few months at least to work its way through (whatever that means) so its hard to see when the rest of the current season could be played out. Equally I can't imagine...
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    Looked pretty decent last night. Still can't understand why he who cannot (under any circumstances) by criticised didn't fancy him. Still at least he spent the money wisely, on Manquillo I guess.
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    The less worse old days

    it pains me to say it but things were surely better (less worse) under the Pardew regime. Pardew was a ghastly man in my view but least we got some decent players through the club before they were sold on at a profit for the greedy fat bastard to trouser. It seems he trusted Carr to unearth a...
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    What has happened to the lad? He looked pretty decent last year but shite now for me. Pleased we didn't buy him tbh.
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    Looks a decent turn. His performance on Saturday will surely pave the way for Judas Lascelles exit in January. Knock him out to some mug club for £30m as a benchwarmer, spend £10m on some dodgy "striker", £5m on a Spanish full back and the fat man gets a night out in his local casino (stop me if...
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    Why Ashley bought the club?

    Stumbled across this article on another site, seems well researched and food for thought. If true it would take a hell of an offer to get him to sell.
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    Jacob Murphy

    Was he even in the squad on Saturday? Been a good buy that lad mind." Investments" like that certainly don't help Rafa's cause.
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    Mitrovic at the World Cup

    I have been a strong critic of the mad serb but I must confess he looked pretty decent last night in the World Cup. Is it not time to realize we 'aint gonna sign anyone better? Slimani would have cost a kings ransom and he looked shite. That Danish kid looks poor to me. There is simply no point...
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    Holland v England

    Not really interested in international football but I watched about 30 mins of the second half. I thought England were decidedly average and would have been punished by better opponents. What amazed me was how poor Holland looked. I thought they were clueless.
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    Victor Fernandez

    This kid from the U23s is getting some really good reviews from the kickabout at the weekend, seems to be a good prospect. Anyone seen him in action?
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    Remaining fixtures

    I was looking today and West Ham have some really dodgy fixtures: Man U, Man C, Southampton, Stoke and Everton at home. Arsenal, Chelsea and Leics away. You could say 6 out of 8 with something to really play for. They are on 30 points now and good luck getting another 10 out of that lot...
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    Great result for U23s

    Won away at the mackems hovel last night, from another site: mackems U23 2 Newcastle U23s 2 (after extra-time, Newcastle win 11-10 on pens) United's U23s sealed their place in the last four of the Premier League International Cup following an epic 120 minutes at the stadium of plight on...
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    There must be a chance now that Fulham will be promoted and Mitro will consider he has bettered himself with the move. Meanwhile we persevere with Joselu, and hope Slimani manages to raise himself from his sick bed and perform miracles. Don't get me wrong, I still maintain Mitro is poor, just...