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  1. The Owl

    January Transfer Window

    Can someone explain what Charnley does and how he can be absent for such long periods without the local rags asking the question. If we had a decent local paper and journalists there would have been far more investigating of the hierarchy.
  2. The Owl

    January Transfer Window

    Bruce should spend time on the training ground getting players to cross the ball so it passes the first defender and shooting practise.
  3. The Owl

    Arsenal 18/01/21

    Bruce says we are having a moment. Well the moment is lasting a long time. Lascelles says back to the training ground, yet I read the training is a like a holiday compared to other sides. The Chronicle says Ashley faces a huge bill if he replaces Bruce. I would hardly call a few million a huge...
  4. The Owl

    If you were Shearer....

    No surprise that Chump Charnley has disappeared off the grid and Ashley as well. What a way to run a club.
  5. The Owl

    Sheff utd v newcastle

    Totally predictable, the only way is down. Ashley will be panicking at the thought of Saudis losing interest in a side that could be relegated.
  6. The Owl

    Sheff utd v newcastle

    How poor is this display, totally negative yet again.
  7. The Owl

    Sheff utd v newcastle

    Those odds show what the bookies think of us. Against a team with no wins and we are 2-1. Mind you I fully expect a home win. I see we have dropped interest in the Man U youngster who was rated as a decent buy.
  8. The Owl

    Arsenal v Newcastle

    Today confirmed a few things: Joelinton is useless and a waste of space. Our midfield is totally uncreative. Ritchie runs around a lot but cannot cross a ball. He either hits the first defender or balloons it over everyone. Waste of space. Our attack outside of Wilson is hopeless. Full backs are...
  9. The Owl

    Arsenal v Newcastle

    No Wilson and the defence looks dodgy.
  10. The Owl


    Longstaffs way over hyped and Shelvey a lazy tortoise
  11. The Owl

    Miguel Almiron

    We desperately need another striker who gets in the box and a creative midfielder. We are in trouble 2 points from 3 league games, exit from the league cup and almost certainly exit from the F A Cup, then we will probably give Sheff Utd their first win followed by league defeat at Arsenal. Does...
  12. The Owl

    Vs Liverpool

    That is the 64,000 dollar question.
  13. The Owl

    Vs Liverpool

    A pity we cant consistantly perform like this. It was a good effort with some surprisingly impressive performances but it is just as likely to go back to normal against Leicester. Shows the players have not been performing as they are capable of.
  14. The Owl

    Vs Man City

    City in cruise control, saving themselves for bigger challenges. Newcastle just running round and offering no threat. Bruce pleased with a 2-0 defeat and better than against Fulham and Brentford. It could hardly have been worse. Total lack of ambition and notice we are once again in a relegation...
  15. The Owl


    The only thing going for him is a quality long pass. He is slow, lazy, the number of times he ambles back in defence. He is a luxury and would get away with it surrounded by quality. Unfortunately there is little quality around him.
  16. The Owl

    If Not Brooce Then Who?

    Cant see anybody wanting this job other than an over the hill Manager, Another negative Manager or a young Manager with no Premiership credentials. The saving grace could be at least they would have a game plan and tactics. Bruce has neither, does not motivate or make the best of what he has...
  17. The Owl

    Vs Brentford

    This squad would struggle in The Championship. Clueless, as are The Manager and The Tactics
  18. The Owl

    NUFC v Fulham

    Slow, Sluggish, and a Manager who says "I dont want to make excuses" and then does exactly that, No hope with this lot.
  19. The Owl

    Blatant premier league corruption

    The whole of football is corrupt from kick off times, television, VAR, the mindless tv pundits, the players who cant be bothered, the Premier League, the paid off Silent Managers. Taking money under false pretences.
  20. The Owl

    Leeds v NUFC

    diabolical defending, bodies there but not marking anyone. Darlow could have saved a couple, Lewis abysmal. They are going to get totally thumped in the near future.