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    Bournemouth vs Forest - A Will Swansong?

    In the absence of ORF after his sad Barnsley failure, I'll get this one going. Bournemouth looked fantastic in the second half vs Reading so I don't hope for too much. I'd like to see Arter come in for this one, replacing Yates or Colbeck. The jury is out on Guerrero. Looks like a footballer...
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    Here we go!
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    So, who will buy the Premier League Title this year?

    Chelski spending big, multi Messi dollars in Manchester.
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    Brexit rolls on...
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    The National Media and Forest

    I see the media is all about Leeds annual demise and next to nothing about Forest. All the forecasts are WBA, Fulham , Brentford and what great football they play. Same with the pundits (that failed ex Forest player Prutton for one) I hope we get into the top 2 just to rub their noses in it...
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    Happy worst Prem team in history day!

    Nearly missed it! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all.
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    The “big” six

    Is anybody else sick of this reference? What they are is the Rich Six - and some not achieving what the money demands.
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    Good old ifollow

    Forest game on live with Notts commentary!
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    Anagram Competition

    Just throwing this out there. Seeing that we seem to be signing a large number of anagrams, including our manager, can anyone come up with decent options? For example, our manager is a burial chamois....
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    Anybody else not getting sound?
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    iFollow - or not

    Anybody else having trouble getting live video? i just get a page sayin ForesReading
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    Ipswich Fan Comments

    Anyone else missing them?
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    That loud whining noise

    Coming from the other end of the A52. I thought maybe a Rolls-Royce engine but it seems to be coming from the Pride Park area. Anyone got an idea what it is?
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    Championship - Top Scorers

    So, Murphy is joint top with 6 goals. Interestingly, in addition, there are 5 ex-Forest strikers in the top 11 scorers!!
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    Oliver Burke

    It seems Leipzig want to offload him. Did he make a bad call to go there? Did he who shall not be named make the right decision to take the money (but not a sellon!)
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    August to October

    Just looking at the fixtures, not an easy one until the start of October for the Sheep shearing. I wonder where we'll be in the table by then. A win yesterday would have been very useful!
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    Overseas ifollow not working

    Anybody else not getting the video feed? I couldn't get shrewsbury either. Bloody useless.
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    Pre-Season Business

    With the first match on the horizon, how do people think we've done so far? For me it's a mixed bag. I didn't want Britt to leave but it was always going to happen. Decent price, some money to spend and I suspect the goals are there so we won't miss him too much. I suspect Lichaj will leave...
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    Judas Commons

    I see he has had a back operation and is without a club. Do I feel sorry for him? errr, umm, err...
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    Udders in trouble

    They've signed trouble for the dressing room...