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  1. tomytony

    England Winter Cricket thread

    Good start as England, with Yorkshire's Dom Bess getting 5 for, bowl out Sri Lanka for 135 then Joe and Jonny com bine to put on the record score- 110- for any wicket partnership in Galle. Joe ,very aptly, on 66 n o overnight and Jonny 47 n o An early morning for some of us tomorrow.
  2. tomytony

    The Berge effect

    24 games 16 defeats 3 draws 5 wins Root cause? Victim of circumstance? Good buy? Goodbye? Commited , skilful game influencer? CBA expensive mistake?
  3. tomytony

    Whingeing German scouser

    Klopp slags Wilder by name after Brighton draw today. "Asked about why the Premier League blocked the reintroduction of the five substitute rule, Klopp added: "Now that's very interesting. "When we had talks between the managers a week ago it was 15-5 if not 16-4 for five subs. Now, since...
  4. tomytony

    Got the Monk on? No longer

    He's gone, sacked. I'm gutted
  5. tomytony

    The Ramsdale effect

    "Ramsdale,2 games in, 3 goals scored against us, hardly a save to make. For now I'll leave it as a big BUT However I think we might be discussing him further as the season progresses." I posted this after the Villa 2-0 defeat and, sad to say, we do need to discuss him now.We all know the spine...
  6. tomytony

    The goalkick- football in general

    Has the newish ruling that the ball does not have to come out of the area to restart led to increase in boring, tippy-tappy build up play? The endless quest to play 'pure' football, to create the perfect goal, to have the best possession stats possible, to have a keeper able to pass the ball...
  7. tomytony

    Richest lunatics want to take over the asylum

    The next project-18 club PL with the longest serving 9 running the asylum. I want it all and I want it now springs to mind> Let's just abandon the pyramid for the sake of ......................................ourselves. Selfish b*stards -Tick PL - stands for self protection league-Tick Would...
  8. tomytony

    Paddy Kenny podcast

    Paddy's books out and he's here with an hour of stories. Warning- bad language but a few insights,laughs and , for me, reviving a few memories.
  9. tomytony

    £14.95 left in the kitty....................

    to watch matches live on Sky/BT on October if they are not part of the scheduled screenings. Right thing to do, exploitation and what about the price? Better than not seeing your team? How else could they have generated a few bob to be able to see your team? It couldn't go on being free until...
  10. tomytony

    Should the Gov't bail out Clubs?

    Lots of debate in the wake of the new lockdown measures which include stopping trials for re-entry to matches so I wondered how forum members see it. Should the PL be cascading more down the pyramid? Should it be down to gov't? Should there be a wage cap? As we have seen , even during the...
  11. tomytony

    McBurnie snubs the Jocks-

    Just caught the last 1/2 hr of Talksh!te with Jim White and Trevor Sinclair and they were going on about Ollie playing for us last night whilst not being fit enough to join the rest of the Krankies and both saying how disgraceful it was. Personally I don't blame him, it's bad enough having to...
  12. tomytony

    Happy Yorkshire Day

    one and all. Must be the1st time the county cricket season starts on the anniversary of the Greatest county known to man and recognised as such by God
  13. tomytony

    Club Statement All sorted then?? :wahey::wahey::wahey:
  14. tomytony

    VAR sees a foul no one

    even appealed for but can't be arsed to confirm a ball is 18 inch over the goal line. Jobsworth's working for jobsworths at Stockley Dark
  15. tomytony

    World Cup winner leaves....

    Tim Bresnan, Yorkshire and England all rounder has left Yorkshire to pursue a coaching career and open up opportunities for the youngsters coming through. Two times Ashes winner and World T20 winner says " My Yorkshire cap is one of my proudes possessions" Good luck and thank you Bressie Lad
  16. tomytony

    CW with Keys & Gray

    If you've got a spare half hour - and what are you doing of you haven't??????????:LOL:
  17. tomytony

    No longer Withers

    Ain't no Sunshine anymore RIP Bill
  18. tomytony

    Views on football's approach to CV

    I was wondering what fellow posters think about the way the way the clubs, the football authorities and the union is approaching this crisis? Are they using the right PR approach or are they keeping a low profile in the hope that the spotlight won't fall on them? Is it right for clubs to rely...
  19. tomytony

    Some virus's don't stick around..............

    but it seems that others do. Dog in a manger ?????
  20. tomytony

    All time PREMIER League team

    Just found this article on line - any thoughts/changes whilst we are just a little quiet! Alan Kelly Pemberton Jagielka O'Connell Neilsen Tonge Norwood Fleck Whiteh Deane...