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    Millers Match Commentary Team Hit With Potters

    Stoke City supporters who couldn't listen to their own iFollow commentators last night enjoyed the dulcet tones of Matt, Breck and Les Payne . . . . My own daughter (a Miller) and her...
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    A-Z Of Sports Stadiums

    I saw Boycott's 100th hundred at Headingley - it happened to coincide with my birthday! Waltzing with Boycott was heard all around Leeds by both England and Aussie fans who shared their lager with everyone (but me as I was pregnant!) J Jan Breydel Stadium is in Bruges - I think there are a...
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    Record - Tape
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    Take an S and muddle around - INTERLACED
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    Stressful is a word we are hearing often
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    He's the one with the flowers, the swirls and often birds on isn't he? William Morris - Sheila Hancock
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    Zebedee - Easter Bunny
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    PREDICT THE SCORE - Millers v Stoke

    The Score Was ROTHERHAM UNITED 3 STOKE CITY 3 - but they won on international players! So I make this 10 points are off to NEZ whose popping into his head scoreline was exactly right! Well Done! For saying it would be a draw AX and CAZ get 5 points And 3 points for DIGGER for saying the...
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    What Do The Stats Say - Millers v Stoke

    A quick look at last night's stats . . .
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    Warne 'I Can't Ask For Any More'

    Millers Boss after today's draw with Stoke
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    Six Goal Thriller At New York Stadium

    Rotherham United 3-3 Stoke City
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    Teams Tonight

    POTTERS Bursic Collins Batth Souttar Norrington-Davies Cousins Mikel Thompson Powell Motondo Brown SUBS - Allen, Lindsay, Vokes, McClean, Smith, Fletcher, Cucas, Clarke
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    Teams Tonight

    MILLERS Blackman Olosunde Ihiekwe Wood A.MacDonald Harding Lindsay Wiles Barlaser Crook Smith. SUBS - Johansson, Jones, Thompson, Robertson, Tilt, Clarke, S.MacDonald, Hirst, Ladapo.
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    A-Z Of Sports Stadiums

    I've never seen us win there either. F Fisht Olympic Stadium in Russia
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    New Date For Luton Clash

    I know what you mean, Nez. I have that feeling too. If they do end it say next month I will be a tad annoyed on two fronts, a it's ended early - again - and b why didn't they end it earlier and call the season off.
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    New rule : 25-man squad regulation

    I'm not holding my breath, Mike.
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    A-Z Of Sports Stadiums

    D DW Stadium - home of Wigan Athletic and rugby league side Wigan Warriers
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    Larry the Lamb - Billy Whizz
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    Preview - Rotherham At Home To Stoke

    A quick look at this evening's game
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    New Date For Luton Clash

    Millers to face Hatters in March