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  1. rumjocky


    Elegaly, that lad with video on EFL .been asked to give evidence .
  2. rumjocky


    You have to give him credit the man has got us playing our best football of the season .and not being pads 👍👍 up the tics
  3. rumjocky

    20 million gone missing

    The owners have cleend us out 20 mill gone from latics account Gangsters 😠😠
  4. rumjocky

    Let's be reet

    If anyone had sed with six games to go you will be 14th .we would have snatched the bloody hand off .up th tics😷
  5. rumjocky

    Com on Saturday.

    I know that there are no supporters.but come on its the tics and something will happen to get the juses flowing. up the tics 👏🏅
  6. rumjocky


    The 10th most expensive sighing of the window .not bad I say ?