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  1. 10Hoddle

    Favorite Spurs Goal since 1975

  2. 10Hoddle

    The Ghost of White Hart Lane

    I moved to Australia from Scotland in 1981 at 15 years of age. I had many aunts, uncles & cousins on both sides, however lost contact for decades. A few months ago, I learned from my cousin in Scotland, that my uncle, his dad, played football and golf with John White. John was signed by Bill...
  3. 10Hoddle

    Well Done to the Spurs Contingent

    I'd like to say a big 'well done' to those current Spurs players who proudly represented their respective countries during the World Cup 2018. With a huge representation in the England squad; Danny Rose Eric Dier Kieren Trippier Dele Ali Harry Kane France - Hugo (Howler) Lloris Belgium - Jan...
  4. 10Hoddle

    Real Madrid V Tottenham Hotspur FC

    So..who travels, who stays, who plays? Can't wait for this one! :7: