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    Congratulations to Accrington, our predecessors as League 2 champions who celebrated securing League 1 safety with a 5-1 win. Now that is how to perform when the pressure is off - let’s hope we do similar next week.
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    Season Ticket Buy Back Scheme

    The season ticket buy back scheme appears to have not worked as well as it should for the Mansfield match, either that or the game wasn't in fact a sell out as reported. I couldn't go and offered up my seat through the scheme as soon as it was opened. The ticket office acknowledged receipt...
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    6141 at Peterborough

    Genuinely puzzled why Peterborough crowd today so small. Any suggestions?
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    What a moment that was when the Lancaster flew over, almost surreal. My first reaction was what a pity it was just after we’d conceded but it turned out to be perfect timing. The crowd reaction, including doing the Dambusters, appears to have been interpreted by some (mentioned in at least one...
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    Buying away tickets

    I’ve just tried to buy 2 tickets for the Tranmere away game. My season ticket code got me into the system fine but it’d only allow me to book one ticket. I appreciate that I only have one season ticket but I’m sure I’m not the only season ticket holder who wants to buy tickets for other people...
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    Scunthorpe crowd today including Rotherham fans. In League1 play off.
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    Nolan has just put them in front.
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    Exeter Home General Sale

    I managed to book a Coop ticket just after 7pm but tickets clearly selling fast.
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    Good Place

    No matter how poorly we’re playing, we can always be confident we’ll score. Bit like Man U a few years ago.
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    Jack Notty This is something we can all get behind. Jack himself will be at Sincil Bank this afternoon and it'd be nice if everyone could give him a good reception.
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    James Wilson

    Is he eligible for the Checkatrade?
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    Air raid siren

    Seems to be having the desired effect according to Fishy feedback....
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    Wembley kick off time

    Not sure why this hasn’t been announced yet. We could do with it so we can make travel plans.
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    Training ground bonds

    As it's a free Saturday I've been going through some accumulated paper mail. One was a letter from the Club inviting shareholders to the AGM. In the envelope was another letter from Kevin Cooke about 'Training Ground Bonds'. When I first saw this I didn't give it too much attention, not...
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    Our game with Chelsea not currently shown on Sky website as being televised live, despite what we were told after the draw. Will it be on Sky or not?
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    Southport pubs

    Does anyone know any good pubs for away fans in Southport?
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    Southport pubs

    Does anyone know any good pubs for away fans in Southport?
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    Congratulations to Doncaster Rovers on securing promotion to League One. I live one mile from the Doncaster Rovers ground. When they've played the likes of Newcastle and Leeds in the Championship I've heard celebration of away goals over my TV inside. It's become a standing joke in my house...
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    Forest Green tickets

    Is the Forest Green match all ticket?
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    Next round

    We could do worse than Wolves away. Big gate, they'll think they are great but they are very beatable.