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    DEBATE: "Allow football fans to attend matches at all levels" - Live Coverage On YouTube (09/11/2020 - 16:30) - Watch It HERE!

    The results of the survey have been released with over 13,000 responses. With some very poignant responses - one from a fellow Imp is quoted.
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    Who Was Your Man of The Match v Bradford City?

    Grant for me. For his calmness in possession and slick passing of the ball. Some diamond assists too.
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    Season Ticket iFollow for Oxford

    Got mine too - but, won't be using mine... Here it is if anyone wants it- notonyournelly Can't wait for this! - UTI
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    Season Ticket activation

    Thanks SalfordImp.
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    Where will they finish competition - Enter here.

    Charlton Portsmouth Oxford Sunderland Ipswich Peterborough Lincoln City Doncaster Wigan Hull Bristol Rovers Blackpool Swindon Plymouth Shrewsbury Burton Albion Crewe Fleetwood Accrington Gillingham Northampton MK Dons Rochdale Wimbledon Thanks SalfordImp
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    Season Ticket activation

    I've activated via the link. How do I actually log in to the system now? Who is even hosting this?Ticketmaster says it does not recognize my details and the Imps site has no mention of season tickets log in...
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    Tonight's League One Play-Off Semi-Finals Match Thread

    I'd like Portsmouth to go up because; i. It's a long way to travel (lazy of me I know) ii. their fans, (whilst I really enjoyed their noise at the bank) they are the type of diehards that I think deserve promotion.
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    Not that i imagine everybody would be over the moon with the prospect, but... They could only allow admission to those wearing face masks. I would rather be uncomfortable in a mask at the footy than watching it at home. Nice PGR reference by the way Simes69 :rotfl:
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    New Kit?

    I would have thought that the 4 / 5,000 supporters walking around wearing your logo on their chest was one of the bigger upsides for brands in our league. So, for the replica kit to not have the sponsor on, the Imps would earn less money. I do agree that they can detract from the aesthetic...
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    FINAL STANDINGS - Where will they finish comp 19/20

    Thank you for running this @SalfordImp it is a good bit of fun Much appreciated.
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    "When he knew I was being serious he backed down, and he put himself in his cage."

    There were accusations that he did consume some, if not all of the pies...
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    Match Thread: Accrington Stanley v Lincoln City

    This has become a recurring theme for me. Watching Hesketh run around like a blue arsed fly but not influencing the game at all... He needs to be dropped for a few games. I know it's not fair to single out one player, but he hasn't been up to par for a good four or five games in a row. After...
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    Match Thread: Southend United v Lincoln City

    What a weird league. Lost 15 games - only two teams have lost more and we are sat 14th! Really need to try and get home advantage to pay off over the run in.
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    January transfer window

    He talked about Payne after the Bolton match. I paraphrase but basically he has to work harder in training and take his chance (if) when it comes - Appleton said he won't stand in players way but they have to prove themselves... Can't say fairer than that really imo
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    January transfer window

    All of the talk has switched to players leaving. Any news (fake or otherwise) on potential incomings?
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    Stacey West Expansion

    You didn't see much!
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    Knuckle Dragger Derby.

    Whilst I understand the sentiment, I personally much prefer Derby day and actually playing the cods, Scunny and to a (much) lesser extent notts and mansfail. I love when we play and beat them. But obviously I much prefer being in league one and I can't honestly say I want them to be...
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    Imps to survive

    Phew - we can all breath a collective sigh of relief. Data analysts FiveThirtyEight have predicted we will comfortably survive the drop this season. Further info here...
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    Points for December?

    I think it will be 8; Burton v Lincoln W Lincoln v Tranmere W Coventry v Lincoln D Oxford v Lincoln L Lincoln V Ipswich D 11 if we play Bolton (But I highly doubt they will face us before they spend big in January. We are third in line remember)
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    Score Predictions v Burton Albion

    City win 1 nil with the goal coming in the final minute... (we're due one!)