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  1. The Fear

    Politics Thread

    He is a bully, a liar, a populist and a fraud in my eyes, no time would have been a good time for his ilk
  2. The Fear

    I hate what the world is becoming

    As you start to follow, it does start to select things that match your likes, I get a fair few correct, wildlife, fitness etc.
  3. The Fear

    Trumpwatch (& US Politics)

    US President Donald Trump has pardoned his former national security adviser Michael Flynn, who pleaded guilty to lying to the FBI. Such a farce isn't it?
  4. The Fear

    Jonah's Really REALLY Interesting Thread

    Yet another rubbish post.
  5. The Fear

    Maradona RIP

    People don't seem to mind our cheats, and our wayward off the pitch players. Hmmm! :grinning:
  6. The Fear

    Maradona RIP

    Really odd thread, didn't think so much anger would come out. He was a brilliant player, it just can't be argued, you only have to watch. The rest, he was a flawed character, no doubt at all. He's paid a price for it, he's died at the age of 60.
  7. The Fear

    Jonah's Really REALLY Interesting Thread

    Recyling bins emptied at a very agreeable time. I will have to register an official complaint within this very official bin situation thread, that the bins have been left out of eyeshot, down the road, so I shall have to walk over 10 metres today to retrieve them!
  8. The Fear

    Maradona RIP

    I wasn't addressing you specifically mate and I wasn't asking anyone to mourn his death.
  9. The Fear

    Maradona RIP

    We can start to look at a few more of our lot if we are talking off pitch. This was just a thread about an amazing footballer who has passed. NO doubt you pay the price of your lifestyle, he has, but as said, I can't see how anyone can say he wasn't top class, one of if not the best ever.
  10. The Fear

    Maradona RIP

    Messi has always had the team built around him. Maradona did wonders at an unfancied club Also with Ronaldo, he's tested himself in different leagues/different clubs. To be fair, they are all fantastic.
  11. The Fear

    Maradona RIP

    It was the ref's fault. Everyone else in the world saw it. What I didn't like is he always said after it wasn't cheating, of course it was! Had this discussion in this forum a few times though, hand on heart, if we won the world up on a penalty because one of our players blatantly...
  12. The Fear

    Maradona RIP

    I can't see how anyone can deny he was a giant in the game, the ball stuck to his feet, he was a magician. The off field stuff, yes, but then plenty of footballers you could talk about that, including a few of our own.
  13. The Fear

    Erod Prediction League Game 9: West Ham v Aston Villa

    Win: Gillette: West Ham United 0-1 Aston Villa Silhillvilla: West Ham Utd 0-1 Aston Villa Old Trinity Villan: West Ham United 0-2 Aston Villa Villa 4 Ever: West Ham United 1-2 Aston Villa LORD RON SAUNDERS: West Ham 1-2 Villa McParlandTheGreat: West Ham United 2-4 Aston Villa Lose...
  14. The Fear

    Politics Thread

    And that buffoon runs our country. All eyes on this idiot now his twin in the US is on his way out. How did it come to this? He is thick as pig shit, expensive education or not.
  15. The Fear

    Football During Coronavirus Crisis

    Highest number of deaths today since May and there is talk of a return to football, and talk that there should be more allowed back. Find it a bit baffling personally. Vaccine, then try to get back to normal.
  16. The Fear

    The Fitness/Nutrition Thread

    Odd, maybe a change in the setting either on instagram or this forum software. Hey ho. Cheers BB.
  17. The Fear


    Highest since May I think... and they are talking about relaxing rules for Xmas. Idiots.
  18. The Fear

    The All New TV Thread

    The Good Lord Bird - sky atlantic. Very good, quirky, led by Ethan Hawke. Really enjoyed it.
  19. The Fear

    Maradona RIP

    Exactly that @gator it was the ref, the only person in the world, who didn't see the handball, or had been bribed beforehand!?