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    Oh dear! Premier League exposed further
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    Mike Ashley latest PR stunt!
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    V Brighton

    1-0 down! Fantastic start
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    Free Season tickets

    Roll up roll up roll up, get your free season ticket for the rest of the season! Only applies to current season ticket holders. Ashley must be fucking desperate to fill the ground & that answers the question of whether the fat **** is bothered about an empty stadium = YES HE MOST CERTAINLY...
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    The other W Anchor strikes again

    Seems dear old Mike is after another high street store The links of london! How many struggling retail stores were bought by the fat **** before the first PL TV deal?
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    What a total shocker That's where the next lot of NUFC's revenue is going.
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    Ashley in Parliament

    "I'm not Father Christmas" No you're not, Santa is jolly and thinks of other people, you're just a parasitic greedy **** who thinks of himself. The only thing in common is your ample waistline!!!
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    Ashley showing his true colours again! See the fat **** carries on treating people like shite for his own personal gain. Im surprised no one has put out a contract on the odious parasite.
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    Operation Sh*te Direct

    Its clear that Ashley only two loves are Shite Direct and making money. Could it be possible to go into a shite direct store, pile trolley loads of shite to the checkouts make sure its all scanned then just walk out? They'd spend fucking ages putting it all back and the fat bastard will sure...
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    Not from the Chronicle
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    Advice Needed

    My Grandad passed away last week and his platinum club ticket has came to me. He's not renewed the actual season ticket for a few years but still gets cup tickets sent out, not that's much use with NUFC's performances in the cup. I've no intention of going while Ashley is still there...
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    Ashley going nowhere! Apparently!!! Wait until you see the poll at the bottom or read some of the comments.
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    Class of '92 documentary

    Did anyone watch it?
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    Losing 2-0 and Clattermole off injured :5: :17: :59:
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    Jonas taking legal action Go on son, sue the fat **** :1:
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    Whitley Bay v Chorley FA Cup 3rd Qualifying Round

    On Saturday, trying to get a crowd of 1000+ so if you fancy going along then it should be a good game. If Whitley win then they are in the first round proper so hopefully they will get through a couple more rounds then come up against Shyte Direct United in the 3rd round. Anyway £6 admission...
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    latest from carver (it's his best one yet) Say no to drugs, Kids! :59: :59:
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    Daily Record standing up to Ashley How come a paper in Scotland owned by the same group as our own Chronicle manage a story like this? That should be on the front page of the EC but exposing Ashcunt's dirty dealings with NUFC...
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    carver staying Hello championship
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    Deluded Carver It just gets better from Carver the Charver.