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  1. HerrLjunga

    Captain is...

    Kyle Dempsey with O'Keefe as vice captain.
  2. HerrLjunga

    Squad numbers

    Thankfully the squad numbers have been released, that's a huge weight off my mind. No number 9 though...
  3. HerrLjunga


    Has apparently taken up an offer on Scotland and left the club.
  4. HerrLjunga

    Congratulations AFC Barrow

    Back in the Football League for the first time in 48 years.
  5. HerrLjunga

    Gills videos on YouTube

    Needing a football fix, I've spent the afternoon watching Gills videos on YouTube. Started with the official club season review for Scally's first season 95/96, then the brief highlights of Gills v Halifax to secure league status in 92/93 before working my way through the truly excellent season...
  6. HerrLjunga

    30 years ago today...

    My dad took me to Priestfield and I became an instant Gills fan. Thanks dad. Gills 1-0 Cambridge United
  7. HerrLjunga

    v Lincoln

    Looking forward to my first trip to Sincil Bank on Saturday, any advice on best pre-match pubs if we're arriving by train? According to the club we'd already sold over 400 tickets by yesterday which is pretty good going, would be nice to have 600-700 there. Lincoln have one point from their...
  8. HerrLjunga

    Mark Marshall

    Will be leaving this week, confirmed by the club, Evans explicitly stating we have the lowest budget in League One...
  9. HerrLjunga

    Another Interesting Stat

    Saw this posted on the Gills in the Blood Facebook page, our record on live TV games since 1991. P43 W10 D10 L23 F52 A74 Pretty awful record, but in recent times it's been even worse, of our last 27 games on live TV since 2002, we've won just four (2-0 v Tranmere in 2007, the 2008/09 play-off...
  10. HerrLjunga

    Pochettino (n/g)

    Binned by Spurs. Rumoured for a while, but still a completely bonkers decision.
  11. HerrLjunga

    Brian Moore's Head

    Having a tidy up at home and came across a few old copies of BMH from mid 90's to early 00's, including a review of 1995/96, our first season under Scally. This trip down memory lane made me realise not only how much I missed BMH, but also how much I enjoyed being a young(ish) Gills fan in that...
  12. HerrLjunga


    Anyone else getting bloody Dartford commentary?
  13. HerrLjunga

    Gills Girls Academy

    First game of the season today away at Peterborough and won 20 (TWENTY)-0. Top job!
  14. HerrLjunga


    It's nice seeing a team attack us...
  15. HerrLjunga

    v Col Ewe

    Walsh, Hodson, Ogilvie, Tucker, O’Connor, Cisse, O’Keefe, Ndjoli, Charles-Cook, Marshall, Mandron.
  16. HerrLjunga

    Zakuani gone

    The cull continues... Edit: Plus Bradley Stevenson and Miquel Scarlett
  17. HerrLjunga

    Rees gone

    Contract cancelled by mutual consent. I must say I don't like this freezing out and removal of players one iota.
  18. HerrLjunga

    Team v Burton

    Bonham Hodson O'Keefe Ehmer Hanlan Ndjoli Fuller Jones Cisse Marshall Jakubiak Subs- Walsh, Ogilvie, Mandron, RCC, Byrne, List, Woods Just as predicted by a poster on Garmston.
  19. HerrLjunga

    Squad numbers

    Rejoice, for the squad numbers are finally here!!!
  20. HerrLjunga

    The Ashes - Edgbaston (n/g)

    Great start for us, also loving the mentality of the crowd waving pieces of sandpaper at the departing Aussie batsmen.