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  1. Real Deal

    Covid, Phase II. Commonsense is the order of the day.

    How safe will this vaccine be? I'm worried about the lack of long term trials. Vaccines take 10 years plus to be licensed for a reason. A few months of trials is not enough evidence. I will watch from a far and watch the lab rats take the risks. Goes to show though when the world comes...
  2. Real Deal

    Title Contenders?.. No! says Shearer

    Can't see it but will be interesting to see where we are with 10 games to go. Imagine if the foxes win it again? How pissed would you be?
  3. Real Deal

    Joses love in for Dier...

    He is improving and his confidence is growing. I hope the club are working on his mobility and agility. He still is too slow on the turn for me.
  4. Real Deal

    Match Thread - West Bromwich Albion vs. Tottenham Hotspur - PL

    I don't care how we win, just win and win the damn title.
  5. Real Deal

    Real Deal

    Hi guys, I'm okay, just been busy. The project hasn't quite gone to plan unfortunately. I have been dealing with lying scum bag people, money has been tight and timing hasn't been in my favor. Have had a few health problems to deal with as well. Still ongoing at the moment. Put it this way...
  6. Real Deal

    Davinson Sanchez - Player Thread

    Sissoko has started to hug the right again, leaving Hoji exposed. 2 and a half years later you would think people would have noticed but he keeps getting away with it. Ndombele is still pretty lazy defensively as well, so I can't see anything changing.
  7. Real Deal

    Jose Mourinho

    Even when he went defensive we rarely kept clean sheets. So that doesn't wash. I don't think anybody is expecting clean sheets every week, but nobody can deny our record is an abomination. Has been for 2 and a half years.
  8. Real Deal

    Jose Mourinho

    Signing players is one piece of the puzzle to address a weak defensive side. The rest is done on the training ground. Watch our CB's on corners and set pieces. Most of the time they can't jump, they all have mobility and agility issues. I question the position our CB's take on set pieces...
  9. Real Deal

    Jose Mourinho

    Maybe because he had the money and tools to be successful. As Pep said you can only win trophies on a regular basis with financial backing. Also I don't care what he has achieved in the past now, he is our manager and I will judge him on his time here. If he is great he will win us a trophy...
  10. Real Deal

    Jose Mourinho

    He has done nothing to solve our defensive problems either. 21 clean sheets in 81 league games. It's been a long term issue and I am very surprised Jose hasn't had the ability to address the problem. He has had a year to sort this out. I do think he is over hyped.
  11. Real Deal

    Covid, Phase II. Commonsense is the order of the day.

    Well I have had a permanent head ache since wearing one for long periods of time so with that evidence I would say it is reducing the amount of oxygen I am taking in.
  12. Real Deal

    O/T The Good morning thread.

    Morning Greavsie. Yep I had the same experience. Mine was going food shopping. So I have since deleted the APP. Total waste of time.
  13. Real Deal

    Transfer Window - January 2021

    I would hope we sell the older squad players that you mention and then look at bringing in the best young British players. Hopefully Rodon is that level.
  14. Real Deal

    Transfer Window - January 2021

    I would rather Jose put his faith in Gedson. He has a high ceiling potential. We know what Sissoko is, average. Jose has got this one wrong IMO.
  15. Real Deal

    Joe Rodon - Player Thread

    I would be tempted to play him with Toby for large parts the of the season. Wean him in and get him ready for next season. We can't go on with our current crop, truly woeful.
  16. Real Deal

    Transfer Window - January 2021

    Can't see any new signings for this season. Just some sales. Hopefully we get a first 11 CB signed up for next season.
  17. Real Deal

    Davinson Sanchez - Player Thread

    The lad just isn't improving. Into his 4th season with us now. How much longer do you persist with a player that isn't improving?
  18. Real Deal

    Tottenham Hotspur vs. West Ham United FC - PL

    I nearly smashed my roast dinner through the TV when they scored the equalizer. But lets be honest we all saw it coming as soon as they scored the 1st. Throwing a 3 goal lead away is nothing new with us hey?