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  1. Jase Villa 82

    How old are you and how long have you been to understand the age group on here

    I'm 50 going on 16.. :eek!::bow::bow::bow::bow:0h
  2. Jase Villa 82

    Quick fix in loans is not going to win the league ..need to build instead....

    Thoughts...fair play rules and we skint in a model of a team to put this right as 2yrs tried quick fix...time to say build a backbone in a team and work from thr...even if it takes 2yrs more etc..
  3. Jase Villa 82

    Tv Pundits

    Who's opinion do you regard as the best and who talks shite...obviously if i was on tv mine would be the best as is on here....:nerner::ooops::wahey::wahey::wahey::wahey: