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  1. RotherhitheGill

    Sky Brown (Olympic Skateboard hopeful)

    Anyone see this on yesterday's BBC new? Sky Brown is a very young female Olympic skateboard hopeful who unfortunately had an arm put into a cast following a training accident. For most of the interview it's on her left arm, however at the end (when seen dancing) it's on her right. In addition...
  2. RotherhitheGill

    Landworkers’ Alliance

    Was the Government add on the TV last night calling to arms workers for a Landworkers' Alliance a spoof ?
  3. RotherhitheGill


    RIP - Sir Stirling Moss and Tim Brooke-Taylor, sure makes you think about your own mortality :cry:
  4. RotherhitheGill

    Evan's give away Questions

    So far the questions asked for the Gills give away have both been too bloody hard for me:cry:
  5. RotherhitheGill

    Johnson's got Corona

  6. RotherhitheGill

    Johnson on TV tonight

    Just getting a beer ready to watch Johnson on TV tonight at 20.30hrs. However, I'm getting some string to tie one end to my toe, the other end to the bottle. This is just in case I want to chuck the bottle at the stumble bum when he tells us the bleeding obvious or measures that we should have...
  7. RotherhitheGill


    Getting a bit in front of myself, but I guess everyone is. Had a quick look at future fixtures in the league, looks like Ipswich might be for the taking (Oxford (H), Blackpool (A), Fleetwood (H), Coventry (H)). I know it's a lot of home games, but I would not fancy that lot:oops:
  8. RotherhitheGill

    Inside No 9

    BBC 2, last Monday, was about corruption in football. Did anyone watch it? I thought it had some fantastic lines and the referee reminded me of someone very close to us at the end of season 1998/99. Well worth watching on catch up :yes:
  9. RotherhitheGill

    Screen Freezing Up

    Anyone else having a problem with the screen freezing up on this site?
  10. RotherhitheGill

    MK Dons - Saturday

    When was the kick off changed to 1.00pm?
  11. RotherhitheGill

    Bolton Saturday

    Can anyone confirm if the game will be on or not (need to book advanced train ticket)?
  12. RotherhitheGill


    Anyone know where Durham's gone (probably on a well earned three month sabbatical) but I'm missing all the arse licking Scally supporting crap he comes out with?
  13. RotherhitheGill

    England v Australia

    I know it's very early days, BUT 14 - 3 F****** loving it:clap:
  14. RotherhitheGill

    Money in the Bank

    Took the William Hill odds of 14/1 for Gillingham to go up. Me and Chippy will be laughing all the way to the bank come end of season.
  15. RotherhitheGill

    Kortney Hause

    Moves from Wolves to Villa for £3m. Good luck to the lad.
  16. RotherhitheGill

    Europa Cup Final

    Any one watching? OK it might be 4-1, but for me its been a bit like watching paint dry. How crap do Arsenal look?
  17. RotherhitheGill

    FA Cup 4th Round Draw

    Being drawn after the Wolves v Liverpool match. We are number 3, could it be lucky?
  18. RotherhitheGill

    FA Cup - Charlton

    BBC website says crowd only 3,249, is that correct?
  19. RotherhitheGill

    Benny the Beluga

    With your local knowledge, any one know what's happened to him?
  20. RotherhitheGill

    Yesterday's Crowd No

    Does anyone know what yesterday's crowd was (small, I know)?