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    If and just a big if

    Say latics do vanish after everything has been flogged off Would you talking to all tics on here ie leave football for good or start afresh and watch a non league team again personally I'd watch a non league but who would your non league team be
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    Hands up if you ever saw your club lift the FA cup

    Or just watch it on years gone by i know i have 2013
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    Cooky and team

    Cooky saying they let us the fans down and the club well let me say they did not they did us proud and since the restart has been a pleaure to watch Only people that let us down where the owners the EFL hold your head up high cooky and the players i wish you all well where ever you all end up...
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    would like to congratulate

    Dr stanley on his win tonight netting him a few bob see him now popping the champagne withe the rest of his scum Also congrats to barnsley by staying up as shit has you have been by taking advantage of our situation And also what a pleasure it was to see charlton relegated fekin buzzin We are...
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    Great win against what i thought was a poor and at times a dirty team well done latics playing these lot off the park
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    After 49 years enough is enough

    My grandkids deserve to watch anything than what's on offer now wigan fukin pathetic under iec
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    Preston tickets

    Can you buy at the preston ground ?
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    henry cheng

    was it really him at the game yesterday or a complete look alike if it is really him i feel we are in for some good times once again onwards and upwards if it is the cheng family now taking over that is really remarkable and fantastic for the future of our club and great work from garry cook...
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    Perkins now hunt

    Looks like hunt will be leaving as well as perkins to be honest we need better quality in the championship When i saw they might be offerd new contracts i Couldn't believe what i was reading but good luck to the lads wish them well for the future but we need to bring in better quality players
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    Golf course

    Hey what happened to the golf course wigan athletic purchased to build new training facilitys i think was in chorley ?
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    paul cooks doncaster interview

    did he actually let it slip that the takeover could happen in a couple of days ? he stated in a couple of days i think there will be hopefully good news for the fans and hopefully for him and his familly might just be a new contract or was it...... made me listen to that bit a few times at...
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    To miss walsal and bury to play for egypt
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    uwe rossler

    sacked well well well :tophat: