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    Are beating Liverpool 2-0 at half-time. Free to watch on Liverpool TV if anyone is interested.
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    Are we flogging our players in training?

    The manager was fulsome in his praise a few weeks ago about Lee Evans running 13k in a reserve match. Are we working the players too hard, trying to replicate the ridiculous fitness of the manager’s beloved Liverpool, which is leaving our players physically and mentally fatigued at the ends of...
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    Fans Forum

    If anyone on here is going could you give us an update on how it went later?
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    Shinnie pre-contract
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    Let's see what business we can do in the window as we have been severely punished for injuries and the lack of depth to the squad. I think at least a couple of statement signings, whether they be someone like Baines coming in on loan or a half decent striker, would provide a significant lift to...