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    Summer 2020 Transfer Speculation

    Sounds like Chapman is a BTC
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    Liam Bridcutt

    Great signing - welcome to the Bank Liam
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    Ex-Imps Discussion Thread

    Fantastic player for the Imps - best of luck at Burton Neal and for the future wherever that takes you
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    The National League 2019/20 Season Thread

    Congratulations to Harrogate Town FC - excellent game and they full deserved the victory - played some really good football yesterday - all the very best in League 2
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    Any news on new kits? (Confirmed Reveal Friday 9AM)

    Like the style and colour - not keen on green full stop so a no from me for 21/22
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    Summer 2020 Transfer Speculation

    He must be pretty desperate - but at this stage of his development probably around his level as he is some way off being a regular L1 player
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    Cowleys sacked

    Apparently the Chairman had decided to dispense with their services during the lock-down
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    Cowleys sacked

    According to news reports hinged around transfer policy which they had control of at Lincoln - but not at Huddersfield as in hands of Chairman and Director of Football operations - Hull City anyone?
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    The National League 2019/20 Season Thread

    See they helped Boreham Wood to the semis play-offs v Harrogate Town last night Smith keeping them in the game and Rheady heading the winning goal - great for the two ex-Imps and the team getting to the semis - trips to Boreham Wood always enjoyable although the results were not always what we...
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    Clive Nates: "Studies are being undertaken and its possible that around 25% of capacity will be allowed initially..."

    The 25% approach is a bit of a challenge but not insurmountable - 25% of season ticket holders on a seat number basis so you keep families/friends together and that could either take the total 2,500 seats - or allocate say 1,500/2,000 on this basis and sell the other 1,000/500 tickets on a first...
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    Jack Charlton

    Great Geordie lad and a great player - RIP Jackie
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    Summer 2020 Transfer Speculation

    Josh Lillis recently released by Rochdale a decent keeper - good number 2 perhaps
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    Summer 2020 Transfer Speculation

    Rumour that Chris Brunt seen up The Bail with a certain Mr Appleton - just showing the him the sights of the City and having a take away Indian from Castle View Indian Cuisine
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    Summer 2020 Transfer Speculation

    Not sure that he is Div 1 standard frankly - not seen that special talent that a number of people see in him - saw Dennis Law at 16 play for Hudds Town and that was special talent.
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    Can I ask a question please ?

    Well done Jules - keep going mate - much appreciated
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    £1.5 billion relief from FIFA

    The distribution of this money should bypass the Premier League and be focused on lower league clubs
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    EFL Statement: Board Update On Coronavirus

    Is this the way to Barnard Castle Please stop giving me all this hassle Dreaming dreams of stopping for a pee ...and sweet Boris who waits for me Showing the way to our Nirvana I looks as though it will now be manana Crying over my round trip up north I really should be more down to earth! To...
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    Harry Redknapp

    Good old 'arry - bent as a corkscrew
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    Cowley or Appleton

    As has already been said - it's 'horses for courses' - the Cowleys did a fantastic getting us into the League and to Div 1 - and at the end aspirations were out of balance. We did well to hire Michael Appleton and the team that he has put together and they are probably better suited to where...
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    Danny Cowley Interview

    Quite relaxed about their departure because of the quality of the replacement management team - slightly pissed off about the balance of the side that they left us with. As far as Huddersfield Town are concerned, as it was my hometown, best of luck with that - they will struggle to return to...