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    Division 2 play off

    I’m watching the division 2 play off match between Northampton and Cheltenham. I thought the forth official who has replaced one of the linesman looked familiar. Anybody else know what Big part he played in the 16-17 season.
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    Sunday viewing

    If you want to suffer all over again or view it for the first time, our first play off final defeat against AFC Bournemouth is being shown at 15:00 on Sunday 24th May. Here's the link...
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    Abuse of Woodyard today.

    I thought that the abuse that Woodyard got today wasn't warranted. He clapped our fans when he first started warming up on the touchline and received a good reception. Then the songs about him having a gay relationship with DC and him being a self abuser started. I don't think any member of the...
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    Useless fact

    2016, Cheltenham won the National League. Their last home game was against Lincoln. 2017, Lincoln win the National League. Our last home match was against Macclesfield. 2018, Macclesfield win the National League. There last home game was against Dagenham. Put you house on the Daggers next season!
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    Danny's comment yesterday

    Not sure if its already been mentioned but I have just listened to Danny's comments after yesterday match. His last comment about about loyalty I found very interesting. He said that he was pleased to hear the supporters still cheering towards the end of a pretty poor performance against Crewe...
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    Wembley Tickets

    All sorted for me and my family. Category 2 tickets booked very easily. It will be my 6 month old Granddaughter's first ever game.
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    After the match at Crawley.

    I was taking to a Crawley fan at work today about Saturdays match. He was telling me that one of there Directors told him that it all went off in the tunnel after the game. Apparently Nicky said to Kewell that he wasn't in the champions league now and Kewell replied with 'why don't you two go...
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    Gavin and Stacey

    I have just been watching an episode of the comedy series Gavin and Stacey. I didn't know that Staceys maiden name is West. making her Stacey West. Is it a coincidence or copied from LCFC? This is true by the way.
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    Fire at Nottingham Station

    Reports of a big fire at Nottingham Station this morning. This may scupper some Notts based Imps getting to the Bank tomorrow. I usually go by train via Nottingham but i'm going to have get the car out. I think a lot of County fans will have to make alternative arrangements.
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    Billy off to Dale!

    What do we think of Billy Knott going to Rochdale on loan for the rest of the season. Not shown enough for me this season i'm afraid.
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    24 Hours later.

    Having had time to think about last nights match in-between getting a few hours sleep and doing a days work, here are my thoughts on last night: Ground: Very nice but miles too big for Colchester. Absolutely soulless with zero atmosphere. I hope Chicken Bob was taking notes for our new ground...
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    Goal Cam

    An unusual view of the goals from Saturday.…/goal-cam-crewe-1-4-lincoln-city/
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    Saturdays match

    I was talking to a Luton supporter at work today. Mentioned that we have got Coventry on Saturday. He then proceeded to swear for 5 minutes about what a disgraceful team they are. Luton played them a few ago and he said that the ref warned their keeper for time wasting in the first 5 minutes. He...