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    new signing to be announced today

    Ryan jackson
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    Nathan Ake

    well ,according to reports today, when our American backers invest millions into the club, we will be fulfilling Scallys dream of premiership football within the next few seasons
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    Rahkeem Cornwall

    gives me hope of returning to local cricket. If u can play test cricket at 22 stone then I should be flying around the boundary at 18 stone. What a lovely chap
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    Ehmer gone

    is it true the Bristol Rovers owners first wanted to take over the Gills and Scally refused the offer.
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    Favourite UK Comedies

    only fools porridge dads army
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    GFC Arrivals Departures perhaps this is true ( yes I know it's the sun). I remember this from march and scally is now saying maybe now is the time to accept investment.
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    England Cricket Team - Joe Denly - n/g

    Denly would certainly have done better than his Kent colleague today
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    Compulsory Face Masks In The Supermarket

    will the police be wearing masks when they go into the same shop to issue u a fine for not wearing a mask.
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    some old fella having a right good time at a festival. link obviously doesnt work.
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    anyone worried about Wayne. He is ok and enjoying himself
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    Why are humans so cruel!

    much prefer animals to humans anyway.
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    Failure at gills.Who do you remember most about .

    Derek Belotti. remember him, in a reserve match, taking off his gloves and giving them to a supporter . The bloke had been giving him stick and Derek gave him the gloves and said "if u think u can do better now your chance ".
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    Failure at gills.Who do you remember most about .

    who was the lad that was an instant success and got a move to a bigger club fairly quickly , only to end up in non league. Was it Pat Gavin
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    Failure at gills.Who do you remember most about .
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    My reserve team is Chelsea
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    Ghislaine Maxwell

    what like Epstein. She knows too much information about certain untouchable people.
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    Ghislaine Maxwell

    I wonder if she has been told which day she will be committing suicide in her "heavily" guarded cell
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    what a ridiculous decision in disallowing the West Ham goal, and I support Chelsea
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    Illegal Raves

    went to a Hedge cutting competition/exhibition many years ago near Huddersfiekd. Think Jack Hargreaves was there. Loved "out of town " funny enough still watch it on you tube. Just watched one where he is fishing at Fiddleford Mill on the Stour. So relaxing