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    I was at Wembley Friday night and was interested to see Vardy come on as sub without any strapping on the serious knee injury he suffered against us! Also remarkable that he had assumed full fitness to play from the start tonight! Surely the likes of Clattenburg need to realise players are...
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    Capital Cup

    Just watching the highlights, the other games must have been awesome as very little coverage of our game!
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    Grabs and BJ

    Anyone heard any extra curricular rumours re the above 2?
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    Football - differing opinions

    I was listening to a very lively debate in the pub last night regarding Coutinho's winner against Stoke, a couple of guys reckoned it was a poor piece of goalkeeping rather than a tremendous shot. I would be interested to hear what you guys think. Personally I would go for a great shot.
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    Russ Martin

    I read in the press today that he championship team of the week ! We all have opinions but that is stretching it!