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    Trust Evans to find players

    I have watched a lot of his interviews he’s confident we will improve in all areas however he was confident Max would stay. the 5 loans are crucial here more than any other season. Not only do we need 5 good ones but we need a decent deal on their wages. I appreciate every league one club, or...
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    Ehmer to Bristol rovers?..

    This is being reported everywhere it seems other than on here
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    Who would sacrifice their s/t refund for a couple of free friendlies?

    Just a thought but could the club not do this whe anyone who doesn’t ask for refund gets 2 vouchers for a friendly game when football finally restarts. Surely that is economically better than taking money away from the club at this point and as the friendliest have to be played anyway surely a...
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    Who is Evans going to sign then.....

    I've heard his interview we are having a squad of 20 and we have 6 at the moment if you take out the right backs Fullet and Hodson. That leaves us with plenty of gaps to fill Who will accept our contract offers? Which positions will the 5 loans be in? Which previous loan signings might we...
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    Scally era academy 11

    We have had some good players through practically in midfield. The striking department I'm struggling with and not sure if I can include Jason Brown who briefly played for the under 18. Anyone think of some strikers??? Brown Hare Nosworthy Essam Edge Hessenthaler Payne Spiller Dack Jarvis...
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    EFL proposing 8 academy players into league one teams 20 man squad? Is this right?

    Have I read this right among the new proposals from the EFL alongside the 2.5m salary cap is having a maximum of 20 in each squad over the age of 21. I have no problem with this whatsoever in fact for All this season I think our whole squad has been before this. However it is suggesting in...
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    Evans on kentonline Talking about contracts

    A good article talking about player contracts and interestingly says one young player will definitely stay and one they are discussing but indicated they will be send out on loan. where is our expert to tell us who they might be?
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    retained list..... Who will Evans decide to try and keep

    I know its a bit early but I cant see us getting through to the play off so I thought we'd try and second guess who SE might keep and release. Looking at who he uses in the small squad I can see 2 of Pringle, Willock and RCC being shown the door. I think he will try and sing Roberts and Lee...
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    Friendly today...

    Steve Evans mentioned a friendly at the weekend which RCC and others will be playing. Does anyone know who we are playing?
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    Whats happened to the 50/50 lottery?

    No sign of the usual couple in the Re selling tickets. I hadn't been for a while and was speaking to a chap who sits in front and he said they hadn't been doing it for a few games now??? Anyone know why?
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    SE talking last night about the younger players...

    he mentioned there's a couple of people in the group below the first team who have a real good chance of making it. Does he mean the 18 -23 bracket although I don't think there's many of them left (Fernandez, Allen and Morrell???) or does he mean the under 18's. Did anyone go and was any...
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    Attendance Apathy

    How many games unbeaten do we need to go before the people of Kent finally realise the team is decent, they work hard and deserve more than 4.5k per game. Its Wimbledon on Saturday so they should bring a decent following so lets gets behind them for the final 6 games. We should be above 6K...
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    Who's out of contract this summer???

    I am trying to wonder how many players we will have left at the end of the season. I make it Hanlon, Charles-cook, Byrne and Fuller run out in July, and I also think Pringle and Mandran only singed a years deal didn't they? If we take out the loans I think we have the following retained. To...
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    Help...... Does ifollow work on an ipad???

    or do I need to put it through a laptop or computer for tonight's game??
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    Are we getting no defender now then??

    With games running out do we think SE will stick with what he have or will he twist if we win a couple more games to give him some cover? We are highly unlikely to go down but a couple more wins and it might be worth getting in a defender or 2 in just in case What do we think?
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    I can see 2 in and 2 out this week.

    Wednesday game doesnt help us but no game on Saturday means use will have all of Thursday and Friday to focus on the window. I can see a surprise departure from out forwards and possibly one other. Expect a defender and a midfielder in
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    Is todays the day for reinforcements?

    With O'Connor carrying a hamstring injury, Marshall potentially leaving today might be the day we see some activity hopefully. Thursdays do tend to be the day we do things
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    Evans not at Bromley tmw but watching someone

    SE has confirmed he's not attending the Kent Senior Cup game tmw. he is instead watching someone first hand. Leicester under 21's play in the EFL trophy as do a few others clubs. I remember he was complimentary about some of the MK dons players before Xmas as well. I wonder where he's going??
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    Who are the 4 names SE has given to Scally then?

    I'll start the silly season rumours, bare in mind I am.suee get said they are cup tied I'm going to go with Humphries at Southend
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    Today's friendly... which premier league team is it Kettners?

    You must know by now...