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    Rahkeem Cornwall

    gives me hope of returning to local cricket. If u can play test cricket at 22 stone then I should be flying around the boundary at 18 stone. What a lovely chap
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    anyone worried about Wayne. He is ok and enjoying himself
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    Ghislaine Maxwell

    I wonder if she has been told which day she will be committing suicide in her "heavily" guarded cell
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    what a ridiculous decision in disallowing the West Ham goal, and I support Chelsea
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    classic monty

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    spike in virus

    see Medway is one of the 36 areas where there has been a spike in covid 19. Potential to be in lockdown again.
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    Alex Gilbey

    rumours he is signing on a 3 year deal from mk Don's. Prob a rubbish rumour but its Sunday and I'm bored
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    brixton 15 (at least) police officers injured in Brixton last night. I suppose not the best idea to enter a block party in Brixton in the current circumstances. But equally, no doubt ,the police were trying to do their job and respond...
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    gardeners world

    must admit dont like gardening but I find Monty Don's programme so relaxing and interesting. World of peace and quiet and nature
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    what a tune

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    how many of you are self employed and applied for the government grant. ? How many of u run your own business and have asked the government to subsidise your employees wages to the tune of 80 %.
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    question for Buddha

    although my political views are alien to yours, and no doubt u consider me to be a right wing racist, u do listen and I must admit my views on certain things have changed over the years, because of your posts. Question for you. How do u see the future of this country. Obviously u have views on...
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    anti wind up thread
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    medway towns 1982

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    old medway
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    4 lanes open j4 to 6 for a few weeks now, and finally 50 mph speed limit gone. no it's not a smart motorway yet , think the powers are reviewing. secondly yes I know it's a shame u cant use it unless for the reasons outlined by the government.
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    I see a lot of friends with children posting on facebook about whether they should send their children back to school, so as a Primary School Headteacher I thought it might be worth sharing my thoughts. First of all teachers and Headteachers will do everything they can to make their schools as...
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    Ben Shapiro.

    I could actually listen to him for hours. I am sure some of those of who have heard of him, would disagree. Talks a lot if sense but obviously from a Jewish point of view. There are very few people I have come across,who have that ability to have such a quick articulate response, to any type of...
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    norman hunter

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