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    New Defender

    Just seeing that Leicester have recalled defender Sam Hughes from his loan spell at Salford. I seem to remember his name being mentioned on here in the past. I was just wondering if anyone thinks this may be a possibility for us. I'm not even sure if he is a central defender or not.
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    Interesting article follows up something i heard at work today...not Imps related
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    Last night, events at throw ins.

    Firstly can anyone explained what happened in the first half when it seemed the ball went out of play, everyone seemed to stop, the lino didn,t flag, a couple of players decided they should carry on then the flag went up. The second one was a first for me, when Eardley took the throw and it...
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    Akindes goals

    I just wondered if one of the stats experts on here could come up with, How many of Akindes goals are from open play and how many of these have been scored with Rhead on the pitch. It does seem that when he plays upfront on his own he has two men on him but when Rhead is on and heavily marked...
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    I have been chatting to a friend who is a big Stags fan and he is a bit concerned about the injuries they have and the yellow card situation for some of the players. This is ahead of what will be an interesting derby next week.
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    Notts goalkeeper

    Saw that he gave away a free kick for handling outside the box yesterday. I doubt that it was given as he was kicking a ball out but wouldn't be surprised after watching him last week.
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    Stevenage sendings off

    Does anyone know how many players they actually had sent off yesterday. It seems there was definitely two during the 90 minutes and possible another two after the final whistle but I cant find a definite answer anywhere.
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    Loan players

    Firstly, I know they haven't broken any rules but Stags had 5 loan players in the starting 11 yesterday. I wonder where this Stags approach leaves them at the end of the season if/when they get promoted, either 1. Rebuild the team or 2. Spend a fortune on the players they have had on loan. We...
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    Shots on target yesterday

    Sky sports centre show us having 2 shots on target yesterday when I can recall 4 off the top of my head. The goal, Akinde shot st near post, free kick tipped over from McCartan (I think) and a Bruno shot which the keeper smothered. I was just wondering if these stats were used on the sky bet...
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    Probably shouldn't be on the main page but was after some ideas. I have always wanted a City tattoo and it is something that is on my bucket list. I will be getting it on the side of my leg and was looking for ideas of pictures please. Will understand if this gets moved. Thanks in advance.
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    Left sided centre back.

    After watching the game last night, I asked myself the question Is DC reducing his options if looking for a left footed CB? And should he not be looking for a CB who can play on the left. I,m asking this because I thought Waterfall looked comfortable there last night in the second half.
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    FAO Sparky208

    I've sent you a private message. Can you try to get back to me ASAP as others are interested. Cheers.
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    Ticket for this afternoon.

    I have a spare ticket for this afternoon on a first come first served basis. Its in the Coop upper block 5 sat next to me unfortunately. This is s freebie for anyone who wants it, rather than having an empty seat in the ground. Arrangements can be made to meet at the ground before the game.
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    Facebook cover picture

    Hi not really a technical person so I was just wondering if anyone had created facebook cover picture (large one) to commemorate our trip to Wembley. and if so could I pinch it for the week.
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    FAO German Imp

    i've sent you a PM reference next week
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    style of play.

    We seem to be receiving a lot of feedback from opposing fans with reference to our style of play. These have ranged from a us being a, dirty team to a physical but fair team. IMO we have continued the same style that we played in last season but have a bit more quality from the players when the...
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    Ref decision on throw in last night

    For those that weren't there last nigh Eardley got booked for taking his time with a throw in. The Stags players thinking the ref was going to award the throw in to them ran up the pitch. It then became evident we were still going to have the thrown in and Eardley took it quickly. The ref...
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    Spare ticket for this afternoon.

    I have one spare adult ticket for this afternoon, Co-op upper block 5 if anyone can use it. First come first served as they say. I will be setting off at about 12:30 from Mansfield so would ideally like it sorted before I set off.
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    I was just wondering if I heard things right in Dannys after match interview yesterday. When asked about Angols injury he said something about now having the summer to get him right. i was just wondering if something had been sorted especially if the rumours about Miller are true.
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    FAO German Imp

    Sent you a PM.