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  1. randy.stand

    The power of The Villa and mental health

    Hi guys, I know it’s been a little while since I was heavily active on here. I’ve popped my head in every now and again but life has got in the way at times. Bloody career and what not! How dare the National Health Service expect me to actually work for my wages! Disgrace. It’s this...
  2. randy.stand

    Big Villa Sleep Out

    Hi my fellow Vital Villans, hope your well my friends. This October (Fri 11th October) I’m participating in the big Villa sleep out at Villa Park through the Aston Villa Foundation. It is basically sleeping rough for a night within Villa Park to raise money and awareness for the homeless in...
  3. randy.stand


    Thought about it this week now i've started work. It annoys me more and seems to take longer for me to get from where we live to City Hospital on the Dudley Road than it takes me to get to Oldbury (where i did my last placement). I just hate traffic, really annoys me. Its the most miserable part...
  4. randy.stand

    Valentines Day

    Valentines again on Thursday. What do you think of it? What you doing for the occasion? ( if your with someone)