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    MApp in the betting for the AC Milan job?
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    Long shot

    Need two tickets for today. Live in Weybridge and popping over. In box me if you can help. Otherwise I’m hand sitting in the home end. Thanks in advance.
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    I’ve just watched a clip on fb of the post match celebrations, Danny is big on saluting the away support regardless of the result. As was mentioned on the match thread Bruno shakes a couple of rotherham players hands has a cursory glance at the away end a couple of claps and disappears down...
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    Rotherham highlights

    Don’t have a link, but hoping one of our tech savvy posters will post soon.
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    Press conference

    Was there onethis week? And if so isthere a link?
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    First objective

    50 points says Danny, 3 down 47 to go. I reckon mid January we’ll achieve that.
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    Community Festival of Lincolnshire Football Match Thread

    Anyone on here going and fancy giving updates?
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    I don't think so. We ladies and Gentlemen will be competing at the business end of League One.
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    WBA after DC

    Say the BBC.
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    Footballs gone mad

    Brighton have sacked Houghton. Cue another foreign unknown manager.
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    On the Back of Shack signing

    it got me thinking, lets assume no transfer fees and wage budgets for this discussion. Shack and Bossie are nailed on starters at CB with Bolger a more than adequate back up. So would any of you have Ragget and/or Waterfall back and would they be in front of those 3? Similarly in Centre Mid we...
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    Where will thet finish?

    I can’t find the memory stick with the spreadsheet on it that I saved my predictions on, to be honest with you I don’t care, the only position that I can remember is Lincoln City Top. If I’m last in that comp, I’m happy to be last.
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    8 out of 10 cats

    Worth a watch, our ex Captain Luke Waterfall is the star of cock in a box.
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    Ashley Barrett Sacked.
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    So Lincoln

    Question time is visiting next Thursday, Is anyone on vitals attending?
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    I’ve Just seen

    A City short in the crowd at Bridgetown. Wish I was there!
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    Mensah recalled

    Wr probably dropped him on the way down to Yeovil
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    DC 20-1

    For Forest Job Another day etc..
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    DC 40-1

    For the Stoke job
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    Tha last time i was at Goodison

    I was presented with a signed Everton shirt by David Ginola on the centre spot before the game for the Save the Imps fund, as well as collecting £2k in buckets at the turnstiles. Wonderful day hosted by some lovely people, I have had a soft spot for the Toffees since then, suspended until...