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    Bash and Billy

  2. Charliejoejohn2

    One of the best!!

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    I’m Watching Villa v Man City and it’s confirmed to me that Grealish is a bigger women’s soft thing than I thought. 😳
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    Don’t know if it’s been asked before but will he be able to play against Manure?
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    Hendo for England

    Been called up ?
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    Off Day!

    Yet another team have a Off day against us according to the media?
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    Cash Card Found

    Found near Burger van John Street side of Kop. Given to George the program seller. He was going to hand it in. Think the name on the card was Luke Shaw.
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    Shareholders meeting.

    Next Saturday 8-30am. Kevin McCabe his lads and Tony Currie will be attending.
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    Photo Day.

    The players looked quite Happy as did Chris and Alan. ?
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    I have been getting a message saying I’m ignoring a poster. How’s that come about?
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    That Goal

    Of course ‘That Goal’ against us at Old Trafford is always shown when talking about George but I think this short film will show up what goes on nowadays with playing diving about like lasses when tackled. This bloke never did it even though they were trying to cripple him. We’ll never see his...
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    Nike Ball and crosses!

    I put a thread on last season about our crossing and not getting enough from them. 18 crosses again yesterday! At least five sailed out of play. Was wondering if changing from the Mitre ball to the Nike ball they play with in the Premier could have had anything to do with it.
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    Obsessed or What!!

    Been doing a bit of gardening today. Spot the theme!!
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    Bale for Pogba

    Part exchange mi thinks. Been withdrawn from China deal?
  16. Charliejoejohn2

    Callum Robinson confirmed

    According to S2 forum
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    Maguire of O’Connell

    Talking to a fellow Blade this morning about our preference between Jack and Harry. I think I’ll be in the minority but I’d prefer Jack?
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    Kev V Prince

    What date does the court case start. How long is it likely to last anybody. ?
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    Who was it?

    That said he’d like some of what I was drinking when I posted a few weeks ago that United would go up because they were a different animal under Chris Wilder. ?
  20. Charliejoejohn2

    Interview yesterday.

    I thought Christ was a little subdued in his post match interview yesterday. Wasn’t his usual self. Anybody else think the same ?