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  1. davem


    Does anyone suffer with this ?? I thought I had cut out either all of triggers or at least cut them down. If anyone has any tips give me a shout. TA
  2. davem

    Grand National Tips

    Anyone got any ?? Apart from the odd flutter at the villa I don't bet but have started to have a couple of quid on this now. I normally pick my horse on the following : 1, the jockey is wearing villa colours 2, the name sounds daft 3, the trainer has the same surname as me So any further help...
  3. davem

    Living Doll

    No not a show about Cliff Richard but a show about grown men wearing skin suits to make them look like women dolls. Anyone else watch it ?? Ive just been shown a clip of it at work.
  4. davem

    Walsall kerb crawler in soup over tomato excuse

    A kerb crawler was caught by police with a prostitute in his car in Walsall – and told them he had offered her a lift because she was directing him to a shop to buy tomatoes. Best excuse ive ever heard ...
  5. davem

    Compton To Play For Worcester...

    Just seen on the BBC website that Nick Compton is to play for Worcester in their match against Oz. Now the guy isnt going to play in the first test. So why take the op away from one of the young lads in the Worcester set up at testing their self against a Test side...