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  1. bonsonshead

    Memorial Wall

    Just to let people know that if anyone has paid for a brick in the memorial wall that i messaged Alan Long last week about any progress and he informed me that the company that do the bricks are still on furlough so nothing happening yet but will inform people when things start moving again.
  2. bonsonshead

    Occupation names

    A theme stolen from Facebook, names of City players with occupations for names I'll start with Richard Butcher Dave Smith and Gary Taylor/ Fletcher.
  3. bonsonshead

    Roy Chapman

    Just out of interest, learnt today that my stepson and his family live in a house once owned by Lincoln City and it was occupied by Roy Chapman, his wife and their boy Lee. Sure a few on here will remember him.
  4. bonsonshead

    Memorial wall

    Hi, was just wondering how many members on this site have paid for a brick for the proposed Memorial Wall at L.N.E.R. stadium. Obviously not going to be built at the moment but hopefully in the not to distant future.
  5. bonsonshead

    What do we talk about now?

    Do all message boards shut down now?
  6. bonsonshead


    MOC and Bruno (if fit) are going to Wembley after beating Newport in the EFL semi.
  7. bonsonshead

    Bruno injury

    Just stated Bruno Andrade will be out for between 8 and 12 weeks with hamstring tears!!
  8. bonsonshead

    The names the same

    When i have a few minutes to spare! i try to think of players from the past with the same name as the present squad. Vickers can't think of any. Smith quite a few obviously Dave, Paul,x2 Eardley can't think of any Connolly can think of at least one Bolger can't think of any Bostwick...
  9. bonsonshead

    Stadium naming rights

    Still no news on this, it's been a while since we heard anything.
  10. bonsonshead

    Wembley here we come (maybe)

    Roverum beat Donny to keep us in the Trophy.
  11. bonsonshead


    Was poacher at the match on Saturday? If not have we seen the last of him?
  12. bonsonshead

    Vernon Hodgeson

    On bbc4 program about a black versus white football match in May 1979 at West Bromwich including a young lad called Vernon Hodgeson who apparently had a short spell at Lincoln, does anyone remember him?
  13. bonsonshead


    Why don't we play the Dambusters March as the teams come onto the pitch not five minutes before. Most teams have an anthem they come out too and the Dambusters is very appropriate for City and would be even more stirring if it was played on the entry of the 'gladiator's'.
  14. bonsonshead

    Altrincham keeper

    Just wondering why City didn't pressurize there keeper on Saturday as he was clearly rattled by Rheady standing within 5 yards of him when was kicking from hand in the first half but second no City player went near him apart from a couple of half hearted efforts from Robinson. When there was an...