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  1. bonsonshead

    Wigan go into administration

    Don't you think that's the case though?
  2. bonsonshead

    League 1 transfer thread

    Does Raheem Stirling Know this?
  3. bonsonshead

    South Park Stand 13/01/1990 - Memories

    Think i only went in it once to see the Queen in 1956 doing a lap of the ground in the pouring rain.
  4. bonsonshead

    Quiz No.25 – NOW LIVE – Can You Get All 10 Correct?

    6/10 maintains my average of 5!
  5. bonsonshead


    Was Patton's bakery and confectionery, 'young' Walter Patton was my Godfather. Now a jewellers.
  6. bonsonshead

    Liam Bridcutt

    Have we replaced Jamie McCombe? Bridcutt might be persuaded by that role as well.
  7. bonsonshead

    Memorial Wall

    Just to let people know that if anyone has paid for a brick in the memorial wall that i messaged Alan Long last week about any progress and he informed me that the company that do the bricks are still on furlough so nothing happening yet but will inform people when things start moving again.
  8. bonsonshead

    "What Are They Talking About?" Quiz - no. 22

    Danny Hone?
  9. bonsonshead

    Latest SB Meeting - Stadium Atmosphere

    Black and White minstrel favourite.... Ooh am i allowed to say that?
  10. bonsonshead

    Quiz No.24 - NOW LIVE - Can You Get All 10 Correct?

    4/10 to maintain my average of 5!!
  11. bonsonshead

    "What Are They Talking About?" Quiz - no. 20

    Ben Coker (birthday boy)
  12. bonsonshead

    Caption Competition - #4

    Just squeeze in a bit more and we'll be the same width as Evans
  13. bonsonshead

    Please Nominate Your Vital Lincoln City "Player of The Season" On This Thread!

    Bossie, just, from Joe, we looked twice the team when both were playing.
  14. bonsonshead

    Caption Competition - #3

    Stand just there and i'll see if Steve has got the brown envelope ready {alledgedly}
  15. bonsonshead

    Caption Competition - #2

    oi son if you don't play better than that i'll tell everybody i'm your Father.
  16. bonsonshead

    Caption Competition - #1

    c'mon Clive you need to triple the budget!
  17. bonsonshead

    Quiz No.21 – NOW LIVE – Can You Get All 10 Correct?

    6/10 slight improvement
  18. bonsonshead

    Something I'm sure we can't wait to see and hear again...

    I am in the 'at risk' category and fear I will be in the excluded group when live football resumes, hope someway can be found to accommodate us fit oldies